A Lens Into Social Media Marketing with Jeremi Gorman, Chief Business Officer at Snap Inc.

- Online Zoom Conference



Online Zoom Conference


 Please join YJP & Jeremi Gorman , Chief Business Officer at Snap Inc. on Wednesday, April 28thth for an evening session at 5pm EST. Jeremi will explore the future of e-commerce and augmented reality, how Snap has differentiated Snapchat from traditional social media, and the trends to consider in 2021. Our digital community will have the opportunity to partake in an intimate and candid discussion with a Q&A session.  

For questions about the event: please email: amanda@yjpnewyork.com

This event is complimentary for:
Virtual members and above levels.        

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Jeremi Gorman
Chief Business Officer at Snap Inc.

Jeremi Gorman is Chief Business Officer at Snap Inc., leading global sales, agency
partnerships, business and customer operations, platform integrity, and creative strategy.
Jeremi joined Snap in November 2018 from Amazon, where she oversaw business intelligence
and analytics, and the international expansion of Amazon’s advertising business. Jeremi has
spent her career in digital media, serving in businesses roles at Yahoo, Variety Magazine, and

Monster.com. Jeremi holds a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA.

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Moti Cohen
Founder & CEO at Apester

Moti Cohen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Apester, a storytelling digital experience platform that enables the creation, distribution, and monetization of visual interactive content.
He's also an Advisory Board Member of the Israel Export Institute. Prior to this, he worked as Head of algotrading R&D team at Psagot Ofek investing group.
Mr. Cohen holds a BA in Finance.



April 28th
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Q&A Session
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