November 1st at 12:00 PM

VIP Leadership Series: Flagship Real Estate Deal Makers Conference

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Time and Date

This event starts on November 1st at 12:00 PM.


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Avi Singer
Springhouse Partners
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Bruce Brickman
Principal & Founder
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Charles Bendit
Taconic Investment Partners
Founder & Co-CEO
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David Greene
MHP Real Estate Services
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Elie Rieder
Castle Lanterra Properties
‎Founder & CEO
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Gil Tenzer
Contrarion Capital Partners
Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager
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Gregory Kalikow
The Kalikow Group
Vice President
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Greta Gugenheim
TPG Real Estate Finance Trust
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Joel Breitkopf
Alchemy Properties
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Jonathon Yormak
East End Capital
Co-Founder & Managing Principal
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Jordan Socaransky
Westport Capital Partners
Principal & Portfolio Manager
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Joseph Farkas
Metropolitan Realty Associates
Founder & CEO
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Joseph Korff
Arc Development
Principal & Founder
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Justin Ehrlich
VE Equities
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Mark Gordon
Intrinsic Hotel Capital
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Mark Seelig
Eagle Rock Advisors | Eagle Rock Management
Co-Founder & CEO
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Michael Cohen
Colliers International
President, Tri-State Region
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Michael Fried
Phoenix Realty Group
Founder & CEO
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Mitchell Sinberg
‎Senior Managing Director
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Mo Beler
Managing Director
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Myles Horn
ABC Properties
Principal & Managing Member
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Richard Leibovitch
Arel Capital
Managing Partner


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Alen Gershkovich
Inspiron Construction
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Amit Doshi
The Besen Group
Senior Manging Director
77709a4e49593b276e0048f628c546b6b1209eea medium
David Ash
Prince Realty Advisors
Founder & CEO
201bb4e1364cafb3c203efd72b7fc31803a2cc0e medium
Greg Corbin
Besen & Associates
Executive Managing Director
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Simon Ziff
05854e5cace7aee07146c68d29cb2ad4a323019e medium
Steve Vegh
Westwood Realty Associates


The Real Estate network is one of YJP's most vibrant and robust sectors, comprised of trade experts who have helped shape skylines from Shanghai to downtown Brooklyn. YJP is renowned for industry-leading events that bring real estate's biggest deal makers, movers, and shakers together. This conference will cover everything from investments, residential and commercial sales, to marketing and development. 

The YJP Real Estate Deal Makers Conference is a platform for members to discuss the state of the market / best business practices, and identify new avenues for collaboration in a confidential setting. This event is exclusive to principals, developers, investors, and top brokers—the staples of our strong real estate network. We expect a guest-list of 200+ top real estate professionals at this upscale, invite-only conference.

Join our network of influential thought leaders and deal makers, whose combined wisdom and expertise matches the value of their portfolios. 

For questions and nominations, email Ann Liberman | 


November 1st
12:00 PM Registration Opens
12:30 PM VIP Lunch & Opening Remarks Join us for lunch, cocktails, and meaningful conversation. Don't miss the opening remarks!
1:30 PM Breakout Session # 1 6 conference rooms
3:00 PM Breakout Session # 2 6 conference rooms
4:30 PM Breakout Session # 3 5 conference rooms
5:45 PM YJP Signature Dinner Speakers convene for dinner, cocktails and networking
6:30 PM Thank You For Joining!