December 19th at 6:00 PM





This event is free for Silver, Heritage, Professional, Heritage + Professional, Young Leadership, VIP Leadership, President, CEO, and Chairman members.

Time and Date

This event starts on December 19th at 6:00 PM.


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Alex Mashinsky
Celsius Network
Founder & CEO
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David Wachsman
Wachsman PR
Founder & CEO
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Miko Matsumura
Evercoin Cryptocurrency Exchange


Enter the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, a new frontier of financial opportunity. As of 2010, a $1 investment into Bitcoin would now be worth $1.4 million. But is this a bubble, or a long-term institution? Find out everything you will need to know from a forum of experts who will lend key insights into this new and exciting world. Blockchain technology has various applications from financial transactions, to how data is organized in such fields as healthcare, energy, security, consumer products, financial markets and so much more. Partake in a guided tour of the infinite possibilities exploring what this tech has to offer, and how it has the potential to transform our everyday lives and yield untold fortunes. Hedge fund managers are making big bets as they get ready to go short on Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the field is wide open for the taking. Stay informed by attending this exclusive event. Our gathering will include an in-depth panel discussion, high-level networking, catered sushi, and an open bar.

Technologists, academics, enthusiasts, investors, visionaries, and those curious to learn more about blockchain are all welcome to meet, connect, and debate at BlockTalks.


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