May 27th at 12:15 PM

Career Development Workshop with Jeff Brodsky - Morgan Stanley


Virtual Meeting


This event starts on Wednesday May 27th at 12:15 PM.


As part of our Virtual Career Development Workshop Series, YJP is excited to welcome Jeff Brodsky, Chief Human Resources Officer at Morgan Stanley. On May 27th our digital community will have the opportunity to partake in an intimate and candid discussion with Jeff. Come prepared with all of your burning questions and learn how to take your career to the next level!

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This event is complimentary for:

Young Leadership members and above levels.   

*YJP has a non-solicitation policy covering all of our conferences and events. In order to provide a distraction-free environment for our mentors, sponsors, attendees, and employees, we do not allow solicitation at our events by attendees or unauthorized parties without the express written permission or consent from YJP. 


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Jeffrey Brodsky
Morgan Stanley
Chief Human Resources Officer


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Joel Greenwald
Greenwald Doherty LLP


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Neil Ratsutsky
Brio Benefit Consulting
Strategy Adviser


May 27th
12:30 PM Workshop Begins
1:30 PM Workshop Ends

Partial Guest List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.