February 12th - February 13th

CEO Healthcare Symposium

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Anthony Spero
Ascend Health
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Ashok Rai
Prevea Health
President and CEO
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Benjamin Edmands
Consonance Capital Partners
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
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Carsten Brunn
Head of Pharmaceuticals, Americas Region
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Charles P. Theuer
TRACO Pharmaceuticals
Director, President and CEO
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Cindy Bo
Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer
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Dan Hirschfeld
Genesis HealthCare
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Daniel Blum
Phelps Hospital Northwell Health
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Daniel Murrey
Transformant Healthcare Solutions
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David Berry
Flagship Pioneering
General Partner
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Doug Fambrough
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
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Gary M. Cohen
Becton, Dickinson &Co
Executive Vice President
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Glen Tullman
Livongo Health
Chairman and CEO
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Gregory Solometo
Alliance Homecare
CEO and Chief Caregiver
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Imran Andrabi
President & CEO
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Isaac Blech
Cerecor, Inc.
Founder & Director
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Jacob Chako
Ignyta, Inc.
Chief Financial Officer
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Jaime Wesolowski
Methodist Healthcare System of San Antonio
President & CEO
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Jeff Alter
United Healthcare Commercial Group
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Jeffrey Wolf
Heat Biologics
Founder & CEO
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Jim Shmerling
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
President & CEO
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Jose Baselga
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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Karen Teitelbaum
Sinai Health System
President & CEO
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Kevin Churchwell
Boston Children's Hospital
EVP Health Affairs/COO
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Kurt Newman
Children's National
President and CEO
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Lan Huang
BeyondSpring Pharma
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO
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Larry Kaiser
Temple University Health System
President and CEO
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Lois Cormack
Sienna Senior Living
President & CEO
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Louise Weadock
ACCESS Nursing Services
President & CEO
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Mark Wagar
Heritage Medical Systems
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Martha Schram
Aegis Therapies
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Matt Murphy
Griswold Home Care
President & CEO
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Matt Plaud
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Norvell Vandervall (Van) Coots
Holy Cross Health
President & CEO
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Pauline Corso
Operational Vice President & COO
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Preston Brice
MBF Healthcare Partners
Managing Director
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Randy Oostra
ProMedica Health System
President and CEO
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Rick Mangat
NOVADAQ Technologies
CEO and President
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Rusty Frantz
NextGen Healthcare
President and CEO
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Sam Srivastava
Magellan Healthcare
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Steve Allen
Nationwide Children's
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Steven Krein
Startup Health
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Steven Stein
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Zeev Neuwirth
Carolinas Healthcare System
Senior Medical Director of Primary Care


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Richard Lungen
Managing Member
Leverage Health Solutions

To Be Announced

Time and Date

This event starts on February 12th at 5:00 PM.


On February 12th & 13th, 2018, YJP will be hosting its CEO Healthcare Symposium. Featuring speakers from the hospital, insurance, biotech, pharma, medical device, medtech, senior living, and home care sectors, this event will bring together top executives from across the healthcare spectrum to discuss the current and future market trends that we are seeing in the industry. 

The breakout sessions, featuring our signature YJP format for maximum interaction and value, will focus on topics such as: 

-Consumer-Focused Healthcare
-The Future of Post-Acute Care
-Investing in Healthcare
-Population Health
-Positioning Your Organization for the Future
-Precision Medicine
-Advances in Immuno-Oncology
-Transitioning to Value-Based Care

...and many more!

Join us for two days of stimulating conversation, gourmet food and drink, and high-level networking with the top names in healthcare. 


February 12th
4:00 PM Registration
4:30 PM Deal Maker Session
5:00 PM Breakout Session
6:45 PM Cocktails & Dinner
7:15 PM Panel Discussion/Fireside Chat
February 13th
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Breakout Session 1
10:00 AM Breakout Session 2
11:30 AM Breakout Session 3
1:00 PM Lunch