January 30th - January 31st

CEO Innovation, Growth & Diversity Symposium

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Alastair Borthwick
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Head of Global Commercial Banking
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Benjamin Fink
Western Gas Partners, Western Gas Equity Partners
President and CEO
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Farooq Kathwari
Ethan Allen Interiors
Chairman, President and CEO
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Federico Tripodi
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James Scapa
Altair Engineering
Chairman and CEO
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Joel Silver
President & CEO
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Jordi Ferre
Agrofresh Solutions
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Mark Turner
Chairman, President and CEO
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Richard Ehst
Customers Bank
President and COO
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Simon Nynens
Wayside Technology Group
Chairman and CEO
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Stephanie Scapa
WEYV, Altair Engineering
CEO, VP Corporate Development of Software Technologies


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Jerry Elliott
BAI Communications

To Be Announced

Time and Date

This event starts on January 30th at 4:00 PM.


In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, the job of CEO can be daunting. Any CEO knows that running a company -- regardless of size and industry -- requires incredibly long hours under stressful conditions with ever-increasing pressure from all sides to succeed and grow. To address these challenges, YJP is convening business thought-leaders and experts for the CEO Innovation, Growth & Diversity Symposium.

The Symposium will bring together CEOs from across the country and representing a variety of professional sectors to provide a leadership platform in order to cultivate the forging of new relationships and encourage discussion and debate on topics and challenges that are of universal concern to all CEOs. 

This is more than just a typical leadership conference -- it is a dynamic event designed to foster a productive and innovative environment in which candid, in-depth conversations can take place. The intimate and confidential setting will provide participants the opportunity to ask industry leaders difficult questions, identify new avenues for collaboration, brainstorm on best practices and explore potential solutions to challenges.

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, a company’s success is contingent on high levels of innovation and the establishment of strong relationships and networks. YJP’s CEO Innovation, Growth & Diversity Symposium will serve as a powerful catalyst to develop new strategies and ideas, solutions to challenges and fuel collaborations so that participants can return to the companies they lead better equipped to ensure success. The Young Jewish Presidents is an exclusive network dedicated to connecting the world's top Jewish business leaders with each other. Our forum opens its doors for CEOs to forge long-lasting, sincere relationships in upscale, comfortable, small group settings with top talent, andexecutive peers.

*In order to be considered a member, applicants must be a CEO, president or a recognized authority in their given industry*


January 30th
4:30 PM Registration
4:45 PM Deal-Maker Session
5:30 PM CEO Forum - Session 1
7:00 PM Cocktails
7:30 PM Keynote & Dinner
8:00 PM Dessert
January 31st
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Breakout Session 1
10:30 AM Breakout Session 2
12:00 PM Breakout Session 3
1:15 PM Lunch & Conclusion