February 11th - February 12th

CEO Healthcare Symposium

Midtown Manhattan


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Michael Dowling
Northwell Health
President and CEO


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Andrew Brotman
NYU Langone Health
Senior Vice President and Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs and Strategy, Chief Clinical Officer
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Annette Walker
City of Hope Orange County
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Anthony Spero
Ascend Health
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Ashley Reid
Founder & CEO
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Caren Heller
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America
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Craig Hillemeier
Penn State Health
Dean and CEO
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Daniel Reingold
RiverSpring Health
President and CEO
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Jaewon Ryu
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Jeff Farber
New Jewish Home
President and CEO
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Joanne Conroy
Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health
CEO and President
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Johnese Spisso
UCLA Health, UCLA Hospital System
President, CEO
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John Rodis
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
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Kathleen Kinslow
Aria Health
President and CEO
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Matthew Primack
Advocate Christ Medical Center
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Nancy Agee
Carilion Clinic
President and CEO
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Robert Galvin
Equity Healthcare
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Sandra Fenwick
Boston Children's Hospital
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Steve Tullman
Phoenixville Hospital, Tower Health
President and CEO
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Thomas F. Zenty III
University Hospitals



Featuring speakers from the hospital, insurance, biotech, pharma, medical device, medtech, senior living, and home care sectors, this event will bring together top executives from across the healthcare spectrum to discuss the current and future market trends that we are seeing in the industry.

The breakout sessions, featuring our signature YJP format for maximum interaction and value, will focus on topics such as:  

-Consumer-Focused Healthcare
-The Future of Post-Acute Care
-Investing in Healthcare
-Population Health
-Positioning Your Organization for the Future
-Precision Medicine
-Advances in Immuno-Oncology
-Transitioning to Value-Based Care 

...and many more!

Join us for two days of stimulating conversation, gourmet food and drink, and high-level networking with the top names in healthcare.


 The YJP Organization is the world largest group of business leaders, executives and investors to provide mentoring leadership opportunities for the new generation of Jewish business leaders.

Interested in speaking? Please contact Michelle - michelle@yjpnewyork.com 
Interested in sponsoring? Please contact Gabrielle - gabrielle@yjpnewyork.com


Midtown Manhattan

Time and Date

This event starts on February 11th at 4:00 PM.

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