July 25th - July 26th

CEO Leadership and Innovation Symposium

Union Square


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Alan Kaufman
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Alexander Rinke
Co-CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
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Bill Nankivell
B+H Architects
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Bracken Darrell
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Brad Horowtiz
Elite Marketing Group
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Brad MacAfee
Porter Novelli
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Brian Fetherstonhaugh
The Ogilvy Group
Worldwide Chief Talent Officer
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Bruce Ballengee
Pariveda Solutions, Inc.
CEO and Co-Founder
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Carey Smith
Big Ass Solutions
Former CEO & Founder
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Catherine Monson
FASTSIGNS International
CEO and President
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Chris Clarke
Pure Growth Group
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Clifford Marks
National CineMedia
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Dan Gardner
Code and Theory
CEO and Co-Founder
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Daniel Barchi
New York-Presbyterian
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Drew Green
CEO & President
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Ed Monser
E573a552bf73669dc7ec88192daf6e9453391318 medium
Edward Sable
Macrosoft, Inc.
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Emil Sayegh
CEO & President
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Gemma Postlethwaite
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Gene Schriver
85e689294d0c2bccd6cee4c6e4c55bd273da9e4a medium
Gil Dudkiewicz
CEO and Co-Founder
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Gordon Logan
Sport Clips
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Guy Falzarano
Lightbridge Academy
Co-Founder and CEO
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Henry Juszkiewicz
Gibson Brands, Inc.
Chairman and CEO
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Jay Cohen
Signature Consultants
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Joe Aronow
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Joe Lubeck
American Landmark and Electra America
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John Krill
President and COO
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Keith Angell
Velocity Technology Solutions
CEO and President
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Keith Cargill
Texas Capital Bank & Texas Capital Bancshares
Founder, CEO and President
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Kelly Tomblin
9f5a2459ba3a139cdda4595f6d6710697b5d7639 medium
Kevin Maggiacomo
SVN International Corp.
CEO and President
Cd50cb07fe67316311ae5799ff9bbe63c01c26b4 medium
Leighton Carroll
F766dbf25751a4b1c48925df99fd6291587a2cfa medium
Mathew Vachaparampil
Caresoft Global
CEO & President
D7bb3fa4d892976bc3093a2384330fb78fe238b6 medium
Michael McKelvy
Gilbane Building Company
President and CEO
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Monty Hamilton
Rural Sourcing
Ac00300b9b898d4f4b45fb96596a116f23d467a2 medium
Neil Meltzer
LifeBridge Health
CEO and President
Ab333e4e85355798cc48c4a93474a01efc5ef9ae medium
Paul Elliott
Fdced4956e31bac330ec1a9a4a162d4d1374ee83 medium
Paul Martins
MNX Global Logistics
CEO and President
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Raj Gupta
Environmental Systems Design, Inc.
Executive Chairman
20b99ae312240d8ef1b338a26a1df8e708e01318 medium
Raj Sheth
Mead & Hunt
60bec6a00246803b587500b0371236b3d66b4415 medium
Ram Vasudevan
Founder & CEO
3bab13a75798d7720882cabb1e87a1330c36e2dc medium
Richard Ehst
Customers Bank
President and COO
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Rizwan Siddiqi
EBA Engineering, Inc.
President & CEO
C8d3ba92c85fd326bf825edaf232984f0a59c18a medium
Robert Cresanti
CEO and President
International Franchise Association
F28b30c42337c93d581741c42fc453e224bd682b medium
Ron Feldman
ApplePie Capital
Chief Development Officer
E27de9a12bb198b3c725434a36140ae072498537 medium
Roy McGrath
Maryland Environmental Service
Director, CEO, & Chairman
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Steven Goldman
Star Group
President and CEO
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Stewart Kohl
The Riverside Company
D0dcd5e0fde74b012f9a69464ac3404c0783a323 medium
Todd Becker
Green Plains, Inc.
President, CEO, and Director
A520760e81f76c2a00e1f3ea60561d53b0f0b1f8 medium
Tom Scarangello
Thornton Tomasetti
CEO and Chairman
3feb7d25792ab6d482157559dc1cad1332fc1e1a medium
Viren Joshi
Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation
CEO and President
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Xiaoning Qi
C-Sky Microsystems Corp.


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Alex Moazed
Founder & CEO
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David Markowitz
County Draperies
B590e16fc353927377edfdd9b88060635f5c47b1 medium
Ed Moed
CEO & Co-Founder
6b947f8d2c57baa2459fda0da1c63ae3ab3d2a50 medium
Eugene Babenko
Quality Specialty Pharmacy
6ede1e3791f72d4180e06df907d70f8f29294d84 medium
Joe Apfelbaum
Ajax Union
A9c61625dea8ec77445b1938de356777c8dbc392 medium
Joel Greenwald
Greenwald Doherty LLP
Managing Partner
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John Cavitt
Covenant Testing Technologies
Founder & CEO
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Ken Greenberg
Patient Innovations
President & Co-Founder
C519d1a18a5de118263ca700fbc7784d0ffce838 medium
Kirsten Bay
BoxTop Growth Partners
Managing Principal
A7052c95f5bad964d101ed4ef00eb358aa0ed82e medium
Michael Warszawski
Manchester Capital Management
Senior Managing Director
E216557118b207343836d11191730973e0eabbed medium
Neal Topf
President and Co-Founder
C4d0bc53e6fe54154038b9eabd3dd138a6667e4f medium
Rich Cohen
Corporate Creations International Inc.
President and General Counsel



Union Square


This event starts on Wednesday July 25th at 4:30 PM.


In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, the job of CEO can be daunting. Any CEO knows that running a company -- regardless of size and industry -- requires incredibly long hours under stressful conditions with ever-increasing pressure from all sides to succeed and grow. To address these challenges, YJP is convening business thought-leaders and experts for the CEO Leadership and Innovation Symposium.

The Symposium will bring together CEOs from across the country and representing a variety of professional sectors to provide a leadership platform in order to cultivate the forging of new relationships and encourage discussion and debate on topics and challenges that are of universal concern to all CEOs. 

This is more than just a typical leadership conference -- it is a dynamic event designed to foster a productive and innovative environment in which candid, in-depth conversations can take place. The intimate and confidential setting will provide participants the opportunity to ask industry leaders difficult questions, identify new avenues for collaboration, brainstorm on best practices and explore potential solutions to challenges.

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, a company’s success is contingent on high levels of innovation and the establishment of strong relationships and networks. YJP’s CEO Leadership and Innovation Symposium will serve as a powerful catalyst to develop new strategies and ideas, solutions to challenges and fuel collaborations so that participants can return to the companies they lead better equipped to ensure success. The Young Jewish Presidents is an exclusive network dedicated to connecting the world's top Jewish business leaders with each other. Our forum opens its doors for CEOs to forge long-lasting, sincere relationships in upscale, comfortable, small group settings with top talent, and executive peers.

*In order to be considered a member, applicants must be a CEO, president or a recognized authority in their given industry*

Interested in speaking or sponsoring? Please contact Rebekah Edelstein at rebekah@yjpnewyork.com.


July 25th
4:30 PM Registration
4:45 PM Deal-Maker Session
5:30 PM Breakout Session
7:00 PM Cocktails
7:30 PM Keynote & Dinner
8:30 PM Dessert
July 26th
8:00 AM Keynote & Breakfast
9:00 AM Breakout Session 1
10:30 AM Breakout Session 2
12:00 PM Breakout Session 3
1:15 PM Lunch & Guest Speaker

Partial Guest List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.