CEO Zoom with Richard Johnson, Executive Chairman of Foot Locker

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Online Zoom Conference


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Richard A. Johnson
Executive Chairman at Foot Locker

Dick’s prior titles include but are not limited to President and Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Group President of Retail Stores, President and Chief Executive Officer of Foot Locker Europe, President and Chief Executive Officer of and Vice President of Merchandising at Eastbay.

Before joining the company, he worked for Graebel Van Lines, General Motors, Electronic Data Systems and Wausau Insurance Companies. Dick holds a BA - Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and is based out of Foot Locker, Inc.’s headquarters in New York City.

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Joe Yakuel
Founder and CEO at WITHIN

Joe Yakuel is the founder and CEO of WITHIN, the world's first Performance Branding company. The WITHIN team helps global brands, including The North Face, Anheuser-Busch, Facebook, and Hugo Boss, align their digital marketing efforts with their revenue goals.

Joe held major marketing roles at Quidsi (acquired by Amazon) and at The Vitamin Shoppe, where he ran both eCommerce and retail marketing. Through those positions, Joe developed an appreciation for the D2C model, with its emphasis on lifetime customer value. Yet, Joe observed that the agencies he’d worked with operated as vendors rather than partners.

Joe’s vision was to apply a holistic marketing approach across media channels, while tying back actions to business objectives. He founded WITHIN in 2015, and the firm has since generated more than $5 billion for its brand partners.

“What got WITHIN started,” says Joe, “is this business-first approach to marketing and this methodology that we now call Performance Branding that forces us to think about long-term value in a way that elevates the brand, builds emotional connections, improves awareness and sentiment, and drives people down the path to conversion.”


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