November 16th at 4:30 PM

Consumer Brands & Investment Forum

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Ben Lewis
Little Spoon
Co-founder & CEO
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Brian Rudolph
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Carly Stein
Beekeeper's Naturals
Founder & CEO
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David Cohen
Dream Pops
Chief Popsicle Hustler and Co-Founder
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David Greenfeld
Dream Pops
CEO and Co-Founder
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Deepa Gandhi
Dagne Dover
Co-Founder and COO
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Divya Gugnani
Wander Beauty
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Erika Szychowski
Good Zebra
Founder & CEO
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Gail Levy
Founder and CEO
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Hamutal Schieber
Schieber Research
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Heather McDowell
Tickle Water
Founder & CEO
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Holly Becker Zimmerman
Golden Seeds
Managing Director
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Jeremy Triefenbach
Stage 1 Financial
Co-founder & CFO
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Jess Edelstein
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Jomaree Pinkard
Hella Cocktail Co.
CEO and Co-Founder
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Kaivan Dave
‎CEO & Founder at
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Karsten Ch’ien
Yumami Food Company
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Lilly Wunsch
4th & Heart
Co-founder & COO
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Michael Levine
Global Food Solutions
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Tommy Kelly
SOUND Sparkling Tea
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Vanessa Phillips
Feel Good Foods
1583bd45d2bbd4540781b2e334d85ecaf8248c81 medium
Whitney Tingle
Sakara Life
38c47df8cfe26d72e5f64a7328532118ba84cdde medium
Yosef Martin


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Charles Coristine
LesserEvil Healthy Brands Co.
President and CEO
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Jodie Cohen
Marketing Director
B76228f731240e4bd0b23cc88b2599c975ee5899 medium
Jonathan Greenhut
True Earth Health Products
45a7ca486425cd45174cad0f973b0c4d1c0bf5a0 medium
Mike Indursky
26144d1285519d1aee74de70f4e4a976112075ba medium
Sandra Sokoloff
Alvarez and Marsal
Senior Director of Global Public Relations
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Trent Moffat
Gotham Brand Managers LLC
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Yinon Horwitz
Director of BD and Data Strategy


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Ian Wishingrad
Founder and creative director


Join YJP for the Consumer Brands + Investment Forum, an event designed to bring together top investors, entrepreneurs, and consumer brands industry insiders for an afternoon of intimate roundtable discussions. These sessions will facilitate the new collaborations and ideas necessary to take your careers and companies to the next level. Less focused on individual products themselves, this Forum will provide attendees opportunities to forge strategic partnerships and cultivate new ideas so that they can make better decisions and take their companies to the next level. 

This forum is a perfect event for Founders of consumer brands looking to connect with each other and investors to discuss their personal journey, challenges, and triumphs. We hope to see you at what is sure to be a great event filled with inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit!


Time and Date

This event starts on November 16th at 4:30 PM.


November 16th
4:30 PM Registration
4:45 PM Breakout Session 1
6:15 PM Breakout Session 2
7:30 PM Dinner + Cocktails + Networking

Partial Attendee List

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