February 13 2024, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST

Tuesday, February 13th
6:00 PM EST

To Be Announced


Join us on February 13th at 6pm EST for an in-person session with Tony Kerrison, CTO at Bank of America. This roundtable is intended for YJP's Professional level members (2-9 years work experience).

Bring your questions, grow your network, and make new connections at this small roundtable, featuring insights from Tony, an opportunity for Q&A, and gourmet bites!

This event is complimentary for YJP's Professional and Young Leadership members and above levels. For questions, please email:

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Tony Kerrison
Chief Technology Offcer at Bank of America

Tony Kerrison is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Bank of America and leads Core Technology Infrastructure (CTI), a global organization comprised of approximately 6,000 employees.

CTI is responsible for designing, building, and operating end-to-end technology infrastructure solutions, managing critical systems and platforms across the bank, and delivery of the company’s cloud strategy across the enterprise. The team also manages and supports enterprise data and data science platforms, business intelligence, and data application services. The organization continues to lead the company’s Never Down framework focused on the proactive identification and prevention of customer impacting technology events.

Prior to his current role as CTO, Tony was the Resource and Workforce Management Executive responsible for global initiatives, resource and vendor management and workforce execution. He and his team led strategic oversight and management of the Operational Excellence portfolio, the Mortgage Service Platform (MSP) Operations Portfolio, and Ops 2020. Tony was also responsible for the end-to-end management of a workforce comprised of over 45,000 teammates and the management of Global Vendor strategy and execution.

Tony rejoined Bank of America from Barclay’s Bank where he was the head of Global Technology Infrastructure Services. With a global team of over 4,000, he was responsible for Technology Infrastructure across Barclay’s global businesses including Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Barclaycard and the bank’s offshore center in Lithuania.

Prior to his first role with Bank of America, Tony was ING’s CTO and head of Technology Infrastructure and Shared Technology Services based in Amsterdam.

Before joining ING, Tony held the global CTO role at Merrill Lynch. His responsibilities were expanded to include management of India Technology Services and PacRim Regional Technology.

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Ashok Reddy

Ashok Reddy, as the CEO of KX, applies his wide-ranging experience with fortune 500 companies, leading banks and firms worldwide to foster a better understanding and use of AI systems. His main focus rests on the often overlooked, yet fundamental, concept of temporal reasoning in AI, i.e, the system's ability to understand the relationships between events over time.
Ashok recognizes that the current design of many AI systems does not fully harness the potential of time-dependent data. He advocates for AI's broader problem-solving and decision making capacities by integrating temporal reasoning, thereby equipping these systems to tackle dynamic real-world scenarios more efficiently.
In the world of AI, Ashok emphasizes not just the technology itself but also it's symbiotic relationships with humans. He believes AI is meant to augment human capabilities, not replace them, and champions a future where AI's analytical skills and humans' intuitive understanding work in harmony.
Ashok is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the AI field. He seeks to enhance AI's capacity through temporal reasoning and is passionate about fostering a more collaborative future between humans and AI, where each entity benefits from the other's strengths.

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