Explore Israel's Resilience: Wine-Tasting Event with Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM)

April 15 2024, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EDT NYC

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Shira Granot
Owner at Wine Fairy Experience

Growing up as an Israeli in Germany, Shira spent most of her life representing Israel.

After following the wine route in California with her family, she fell in love with a new world - The wine world.

With a BA in communication in hand she started working in the media world. with years of experience in production, Product management, high tech & philanthropy Shira felt that something was missing and that something was passion, the same passion she had for wine.

From then on it was clear, representing Israel in the best way she knew how - Through the wine side.

Today Shira is living fully the wine industry, From wine Journalism, marketing, wine bar owner & consultant for restaurants around the country.

She Co-founded the Israel wine collection and for years specialized in international wine trade and diplomacy.

Monday, April 15th
6:00 PM EDT



IN-PERSON IN NYC - Open to all Jewish young professionals!

Israel's Wine Diplomacy with Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM)

Light refreshments will be served!

We extend an invitation to an evening that explores the unexpected alliance between wine, warfare, and the battle against hate. This event will feature selections from extraordinary wineries, many of which have felt the impact of Israel's security challenges firsthand. We aim to narrate the story of a rejuvenated world, rooted deeply in its heritage and its people, through the lens of wine.

The Israeli wine industry weaves a captivating narrative of ancient heritage intertwined with modern innovation, exemplifying Israel's connection to history and its forward-thinking spirit through viticulture. Historically, Israel was among the world's leading wine producers 3,500 years ago, renowned for its exceptional grape cultivation. However, with the arrival of Muslim invasions, vineyards gave way to olive groves until the establishment of Israel, when viticulture was revitalized. Leveraging Start-Up Nation technologies, Israel's wine industry burgeoned from 90 wineries in the 1990s to over 400 today.

These wineries, spanning from north to south, often find themselves on the frontlines of national defense. Many owners have been summoned for reserve duty, and since October, the industry has faced significant losses yet has shown remarkable resilience. Wine holds a sacred place in Jewish history, integral to religious rituals and now serving as a beacon of hope.

Leading this unique initiative are CAM CEO Sacha Roytman and CAM Director of Community Engagement Shira Granot, with the Israel Wine Collection (IWC) at the forefront. The IWC project illuminates the rich tapestry of Israel's history and its innovative essence through its wine making, showcasing selections from over 30 wineries. 

With any questions on this event, please email: nicole.krieger@yjp.org

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