Managing the Relationship of VC and Entrepreneur: A Road Map with Gil Beyda, Managing Director at Comcast Ventures & Founder of Genacast Ventures

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Gil Beyda
Managing Director at Comcast Ventures

Gil Beyda is an accomplished investor who started his career as a software developer and serial entrepreneur. His first startup, Mind Games, developed games for the original Apple II. After many years of technology consulting around the world, Gil founded his second startup, Real Media in online advertising, acquired by 24/7 Media in 2001. After AOL bought his third startup TACODA behavioral targeting ad network in 2007, he moved from building successful companies to investing in them. Gil founded Genacast Ventures in partnership with Comcast Ventures, focused on seed-stage technology startups in the Northeast. Gil has a never-ending curiosity and passion to explore a broad spectrum of sectors as well as future frontier technology. He received his B.S. in computer science and MBA from California State University-Northridge.

BigID, Blockdaemon,Confetti, Datadog, Demdex (Acquired: Adobe 2011), Divide (Acquired: Google 2014), DoubleVerify (Acquired: Providence Equity Partners 2017), DrayNow, goTenna, Invite Media (Acquired: DoubleClick 2010), Jornaya, Neural Magic, Rocketrip, Staq, Uptycs, Yieldmo, Zapata, ZeroFox.

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Adam Brenner
Partner at DLA Piper

Adam Brenner focuses on representing innovative, institutionally backed companies, with extensive experience in equity and debt financings, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate governance. He also represents venture capital funds in their deployment of capital. While Adam represents companies in a variety of industry verticals, he has particular experience advising emerging companies with international operations on regulatory matters relating to national security and in international trade. Brenner is also a co-founder of the non-profit Accelerate Yale, a global community of alumni and friends of Yale who are engaged in innovation, tech and entrepreneurship.



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