April 6th at 6:00 PM

Facetime with Howard Marks and Ilana Weinstein


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Howard Marks
Oaktree Capital Management
Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
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Ilana D. Weinstein
Founder and CEO
The IDW Group LLC


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Joshua Pearl
Hickory Lane Capital Management
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
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Steven Tananbaum
GoldenTree Asset Management
Founding Partner & CIO


ZOOM Conference room provided by YJP


This event starts on Monday April 6th at 6:00 PM.


This event is part of our newest initiative, YJP's "Facetime with Finance Leaders" series.

6:00PM-6:30PM: Conversation between Howard Marks (Oaktree Capital) & Steven Tananbaum (GoldenTree Asset Management)
6:30PM-7:00PM: Conversation between Ilana Weinstein (The IDW Group) & Joshua Pearl (Hickory Lane)

Tune in on April 6th at 6:00 PM EDT!

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