Facetime with Rena Reiss, Marriott International

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Online Zoom Conference


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We are excited to be launching our "FaceTime with GC Leader" series of digital mentorship roundtables to continue our mission of providing mentorship opportunities for young professionals while keeping our members safe and healthy. The roundtable will be held through YJPs digital platform.

Please join YJP and Rena Reiss, Executive Vice President and General Counsel  at Marriott International.

- Learn about the latest trends in your industry.
- Connect with the top leaders in your industry
- Get the opportunity to ask one on one questions.   

Rena Hozore Reiss assumed the role of Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Marriott International when she rejoined the Company in 2017, and is a senior executive officer of the company.

Prior to returning to Marriott, Ms. Reiss was Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. She joined Hyatt in 2010 and led a global legal team with offices in Chicago, Zurich, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Delhi supporting all facets of Hyatt’s business. She also oversaw Hyatt’s risk management team and corporate transactions group.

Ms. Reiss held several positions in the Marriott law department from 2000 until 2010, including leading the Marriott International legal team supporting the company’s development efforts in the Americas region and leading the legal team supporting global asset management.

Before starting in hospitality with Marriott, Ms. Reiss was a partner at Counts & Kanne, Chartered in Washington, D.C. She also spent two years as an Associate General Counsel for the Miami Herald Publishing Company and three years just out of law school at the law firm of Thomson Muraro Razook & Hart in Miami.

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Rena Reiss
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

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