Facetime with Todd Lemkin, Canyon Partners

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Online Zoom Conference

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Todd Lemkin
Partner & Chief Investment Officer at Canyon Partners

Mr. Lemkin is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Lemkin’s primary focus is on the cable, media, telecom, satellite, real estate, gaming and packaging sectors in the U.S. Mr. Lemkin also oversees Canyon’s European investment effort and the firm’s London office. Prior to joining Canyon in 2003, Mr. Lemkin was with Scoggin Capital Management in New York, where he focused on analyzing securities of distressed and bankrupt companies. Mr. Lemkin was also an Investment Banker in the Healthcare Group of Bank of America Securities and the Mergers & Acquisitions Group of Lehman Brothers. Mr. Lemkin is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (B.A., English).

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Seth Turkeltaub
Portfolio Manager at Millennium Management

Seth A. Turkeltaub, CFA, manages one of the largest fundamental equity long short groups at Millennium Management LLC / Catapult Capital Management (2008-present). Prior to Millennium/Catapult, he was a co-founder and co-portfolio manager of Searock Capital/SR Capital, a long short equity hedge fund (2002-2007). He was also a co-portfolio manager at SAC Capital Management (2000-2002) and an analyst at Boston Partners Asset Management (1998-2000). Mr. Turkeltaub earned a BA from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Columbia University. He is a CFA charterholder. Additionally, Mr. Turkeltaub has been voted into the Society of TopGuns, voted on by his peers as a thought leader in the industry.


This event is part of YJP's "Facetime with Finance Leaders" series.

Please join in on a conversation with Todd Lemkin, Partner and CIO of Canyon Partners. 

About Canyon:

Canyon Partners (Canyon) is a leading alternative asset manager providing investment advice to institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals globally. Canyon is a multi-strategy, credit-focused, value-oriented firm that invests across a variety of asset classes, including bank debt, high yield, distressed and special situation securities, securitized assets, equities, convertible arbitrage, risk arbitrage and real estate.

Founded in 1990, Canyon Partners, LLC is an investment management firm headquartered in Los Angeles which, together with its affiliates, manages approximately USD 25 billion of assets.

Canyon applies a fundamental, value-oriented investment approach across a broad spectrum of asset classes, including corporate credit, equities, and securitized products. They focus their investments on securities characterized by complexity, transitioning buyer bases, events, restructurings, and other forms of disruption that can disconnect prices from fundamental value.

September 17th, 5:30PM-6:30PM

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