Fashion Innovation and Company Culture with Farfetch

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Online Zoom Conference

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Jeffery Fowler
President at Farfetch

Jeffery is the President, Americas and member of the Executive Team of Farfetch, the leading global
technology platform for the luxury fashion industry, connecting over 1,000 of the world’s best boutiques
and brands with customers in more than 190 countries globally. Founded in 2008 with the vision of
transforming the way people shop for fashion, Farfetch has quickly established a strong and dynamic global
business and is now a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (FTCH). As head of the North
and South America regions, Jeffery works with a diverse and talented team across offices in NYC, Los
Angeles and São Paulo to continue to build awareness of the Farfetch brand, amaze customers with
seamless and personalized service and grow collaborative market share with boutique and brand partners.
While with Farfetch in 2017, Jeffery was elected to the Board of Directors of the Fashion Institute of
Technology (FIT) Couture Council, and was also selected by the editors of Women’s Wear Daily as one of the
“40 Under 40” executives impacting the global fashion industry in their inaugural list of honorees. In 2018,
Jeffery joined the Advisory Board of the Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School, University of
Prior to joining Farfetch, Jeffery developed his career in the luxury goods sector with leadership roles at
LVMH (Louis Vuitton & TAG Heuer), Richemont (Cartier) and Tesla. Before that, Jeffery spent two years as a
management consultant with Bain & Company after earning his BA degree in English and American
Literature & Languages from Harvard University and an MBA from INSEAD.

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Elyse Winter
Private Client Senior Stylist at Farfetch

Elyse Winter is a Private Client Senior Stylist at Farfetch New York. Elyse has been with Farfetch for nearly 5 years and caters to a book of top tier clients. In 2020 she became the chair of the Jewish Network at Farfetch. Through the Jewish Network she has organized various meaningful events and panels for the company.

Elyse was born and raised in Los Angeles as a third generation survivor. Her family’s story is her motivation to educate, share, and participate in charitable work within the Jewish community. Her goal is to honor her grandparents and spread awareness for the generations to come.”

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Necha Treitel
Senior Stylist - Chair of the Farfetch Jewish Council at Farfecth

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