Spotlight on Women: Leadership Workshop with Bonnie Hammer, Chairman, NBCUniversal

Online Zoom Conference


Online Zoom Conference


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YJP is excited to announce YJP's Spotlight on Women: Leadership Workshop!

Please join YJP and Bonnie Hammer on October 21st at 5pm ET. This interactive workshop will explore leadership and diversity as well as exploring techniques to facilitate innovative thinking in your career. Our digital community will have the opportunity to partake in an intimate and candid discussion with a Q&A session. 

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This event is complimentary for:
Young Leadership members and above levels.    

*YJP has a non-solicitation policy covering all of our conferences and events. In order to provide a distraction-free environment for our mentors, sponsors, attendees, and employees, we do not allow solicitation at our events by attendees or unauthorized parties without the express written permission or consent from YJP. 


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Bonnie Hammer
Vice Chairman


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Gigi Schweikert
Lightbridge Academy
President & Chief Operating Officer


October 21st
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