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Online Zoom Conference


Join YJP for another installment of our Networking Hive Series: Finance Edition!

The format is simple. All participants are welcomed to the main event where we will discuss the rules and format. Followed by this introduction all participants are divided at random into breakout rooms, guided by our hosts. Each breakout discussion will have a designated topic to shape conversation, with young professionals being mixed and rotated throughout. After the breakout sessions, we will all come back to the main screen where each of the hosts will briefly discuss the takeaways.

Connect and shmooze with different groups of rising stars and continue to build your network now more than ever!

This event is complimentary for virtual level, professional level, young leadership, and VIP leadership members. If you have any questions regarding the event or membership please reach out

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We hope to see you there!

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Elle Kaplan
Founder, CEO at LexION Capital
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Ellie Rubenstein
Founder, CEO at Manna Tree Partners

Gabrielle "Ellie" Rubenstein is Co-founder and CEO of the private equity firm Manna Tree. Manna Tree makes growth equity investments in companies that improve human health through nutrition. Ellie works with global family offices and research partners to connect Manna Tree's mission of improving human health to capital while ensuring the firm is an innovator in a rapidly evolving investment category.

A member of Manna Tree's investment committee, Ellie co-leads fundraising and is on the board of the firm's philanthropic research arm, VIGR, which supports industry R&D around consumer health and behavior and the application of ESG+Health impact reporting. Ellie ensures the firm's investments meet the criteria of improving human health through advancements in scientific research. Manna Tree's five investee companies range from producers of eggs, beef, and plant-based foodtech ingredients to indoor farming.

In addition to her role at Manna Tree, Ellie is a philanthropist through her family office, Mission Ingredients. With a focus on improving population health, Ellie supports organizations and initiatives that create positive change. This includes local food production, ingredient research, outdoor wilderness youth education, and military health and recovery programs. The combination of Ellie's investment and philanthropy activity has attracted other families and institutions to impact investing that creates health and wealth.

Ellie earned her MS in Agriculture Economics from Purdue University, her MBA from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business where she was a Tobias Fellow, and her BA in Sociology from Harvard University where she was a Varsity ski racer. Ellie earned a graduate certificate in Mind-Body Wellness from UCLA's Center for East-West Medicine and the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior.

Ellie is an avid hunter and angler and spends her free time on the shores or in the woods of Alaska and Colorado.

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