Flagship Real Estate Deal Makers Conference | VIP Leadership Series

- Manhattan


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Adam Altman
KABR Real Estate
Managing Member
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Avi Lebor
Director of Acquisitions
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Berndt Perl
APF Properties
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Bruce Brickman
Brickman Associates
Principal & Co-Founder
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Christopher Albanese
Albanese Organization
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Craig Deitelzweig
Marx Realty and Merchants National Properties
CEO & President
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Dana Roffman
Angelo Gordon
Managing Director, U.S. Real Estate
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David Hochfelder
The Naftali Group
EVP & Head of Acquisitions
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Ed Nwokedi
Red Swan
CEO & Founder
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Elie Rieder
Castle Lanterra Properties
‎Founder & CEO
8202021edb99aa63cb8ecf0aef04868726bf6b66 medium
Eli Karp
HELLO Living
Founder & CEO
579757f261ae1dcd068145523c753f77154f9a87 medium
Eric Margules
Margules Properties
President, Founder & CEO
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Gabriel Shiff
Roseland Residential Trust
Chief Operating Officer
1415caefcf9871a513962c0b84dd919e39b21bbf medium
Gil Tenzer
Contrarian Capital Management
Founder & Managing Director
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Guy Blachman
1e81e25ad2112c152d160df61d92a9302331c1b2 medium
Ian Bruce Eichner
The Continuum Company
Founder & Chairman
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Jason Glick
GPG Properties
Co-Founder & Managing Member
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Jeff Mooallem
Gazit Horizons
CEO & President
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Jeffrey Pikus
Bluestar Properties Inc.
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Jeffrey Simpson
Arch Companies
Managing Partner
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Joe Hercenberg
Walker & Dunlop
Managing Director
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Joel Bergstein
Lincoln Equities Group
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Joel Breitkopf
Alchemy Properties
D8c6897537e130ab8b180a50d99a76df34a16b83 medium
John Usdan
Midwood Investment & Development
Cfd467a5c417cd7ca9ee16de948dd3d34fcff096 medium
Jonathan Schultz
Onyx Equities LLC
Co-Founder & Managing Principal
96e9ff57c6ac03e887ba95a63188827c62d50831 medium
Jonathan Stein
PCD Capital, LLC
Founding Partner
A17b87806211e2b32319eabe727491c5c7437b7b medium
Joseph Farkas
Metropolitan Realty Associates
Founder & CEO
82d973588c2894d857f7a3164a1631cdb8d3d271 medium
Joseph Jemal
The Jemstone Group
9009d8227c885acdc98cfe74807d618ddc202607 medium
Kent Swig
Swig Equities
42b067ba4690f96c9a7f30fbc9fe0ad5e849acfe medium
Marc Shore
Shore Assets
4c6ee10d68d1892c17e5f2c29df11a00df6fa235 medium
Margaret Streicker
Newcastle Realty Services
CEO & President
D61b2f0e0fab02cc18dd91e304f39e7cd6e99904 medium
Mark Gordon
Intrinsic Hotel Capital
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Matt Galligan
CIT Group
President, CIT Real Estate Finance
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Michael Davis
Plymouth Group
Founding Principal
Dcaf105f44c785856b1bafee222fc78e86fbfeeb medium
Michael Fried
Phoenix Realty Group
Founder & CEO
F8db4ee712e39e7df02840863e82a4382de22565 medium
Michael Givner
Morgan Stanley Real Assets
Executive Director
6721137893c4b14a44657be2a3a32d0ea4824bcb medium
Myles Horn
ABC Properties
Principal & Managing Member
2dedbc2828e123def30ff740969020e1fe9c46e5 medium
Ran Eliasaf
Northwind Group
Founder & Managing Partner
71513c3e0ce3c2503f702bbf9d48c61a0b7a89f5 medium
Robert Scharf
Edison Properties
EVP of Real Estate
23eeb73c5c967a6a4b18a71329f504eaaa8514d4 medium
Roy Stillman
Stillman Development
F897df1d4991a204dd59fbfecd47eab40353c3fb medium
Sam Sidhu
Founder & CEO
Bd8c4fa07013af1b1e2612fda154829c4f645345 medium
Spencer Garfield
Fortress Investment Group
Managing Director
Df004f7ce0d34c3f6dbfa14b4fc846b468ed51aa medium
Stephen Bittel
Terranova Corporation
Founder & Chairman
A6ce08f62447aac4fa9dbc48e9ccf3c0febcd7a2 medium
William Yagoda
Twin Oaks Equity Partners


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Aaron Strauss
A. Y. Strauss
Managing Partner
770ec3852c2549f7ff310a8867d3a9bd9c5b137a medium
Alon Alexander
Kent Services
Be5c66d1a137cc609ddd89336c98776b878800be medium
Amit Doshi
Meridian Capital
Senior Executive Managing Director
C6bd9f033daeec9ef71ef1d083ea0fef9608bf89 medium
Avi Feinberg
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
Real Estate Partner
Fc13e15ea88d37dfbbea6773ae4fc3b329faa60c medium
David Ash
Prince Realty Advisors
Founder & CEO
1c99565ea7ebac88f9f2491ece1b1f5e1271ec0f medium
David Schechtman
Meridian Investment Sales
Senior Executive Managing Director
004bcb0f31face69ee9c069bfc816676f43c1dfb medium
Jeffrey Berman
Berman Enterprises / Camber Creek
VP / Partner
De7b8bc6253bfaacc49c149dedfc97090f272c10 medium
Joseph Koicim
Marcus & Millichap
Senior Managing Director
9c9976e27ed9651ac34435cf37df2f2918330c97 medium
Lowell Mandelblatt
Atlantic Realty Data Corporation
98cd1beab6c729b29522b04ee96f89b82288562a medium
Mark Mindick
Citrin Cooperman
C120fc940b704fa3f72852d2bf51de24db058f1a medium
Michael Mintz
MD Square Property Group
CEO & Founder
A510cf2ba3352bcf6bd6864f4a93e7dd34e5d4f9 medium
Michael Stoler
New York Real Estate TV
Efc6794627afed78086b38d69f4fbea4b977270f medium
Shari Reimer
United Building Maintenance Corporation
Director of Sales
499a29f8916e70837c1fc7936f3e3b3c0134170b medium
Simon Ziff
Ccca089cdbc4992db725d3d8ab4229e406cc7368 medium
Solomon Kinraich
MLK Real Estate Capital
Managing Principal


D1b7d0360118f425bbed439f53b1194c707d415f medium
Eric Gray
Olshan Properties
Director of NYC Portfolio Operations
Bdf80d9c6fc6e67e3a7ea6f9fcfd4faa1f90d738 medium
Greg Corbin
Besen & Associates
Executive Managing Director
A6a915b7fd5ac8282c9384f2c9ee763f6677080b medium
Ian Reisner
Parkview Developers
Managing Partner




YJP's Real Estate Network is a vibrant and robust sector comprised of trade experts and active developers who continue to shape monumental skylines across the glove. From Shanghai to Downtown Brooklyn, our speakers and mentors are renowned in the industry for their abilities to raise funds, identify high-producing investment opportunities, and find up and coming opportunities in the market.

The VIP Leadership Series FREDM Conference will bring together the top real estate deal makers, moves, and shakers to cover everything from up-and-coming investment opportunities, marketing + branding, case studies, future market outlook, and identifying new avenues for collaboration. This event is exclusive to principals, developers, investors, and top industry brokers - the staples of our strong real estate network. With a by-invitation-only guest-list of 250+ top real estate professionals in the Tri-State area, the conference is sure to add value to all who wish to grow their portfolios.

Conference Agenda

  • 8:30 am - Registration & Breakfast
  • 9:15 am - Breakout Session 1
  • 10:40 am - Breakout Session 2
  • 12:05 pm - Breakout Session 3
  • 1:10 pm - VIP Lunch 


May 16th
Registration & VIP Breakfast
Breakout Session #1
Breakout Session #2
Breakout Session #3
VIP Lunch & Networking

Partial Guest List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.