Food for Thought: Leadership & Innovation Mentorship with Bill Garrett, SVP of Operations at McDonald’s

- Online Zoom Conference



Online Zoom Conference


Please join YJP and Bill Garrett , SVP of Operations at McDonald’s on Wednesday, October 6th at 12:30pm EST. We will discuss operational strategy, talent and brand development to drive long-term growth in your career.

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Bill Garrett
SVP of Operations at McDonald's

Bill has over four decades of experience with McDonald’s. In his current role Bill oversees all aspects of restaurant operations in McDonald’s USA. This includes:

Operations development and innovation to support growth strategies
Restaurant operations technology support
Restaurant operating standards, assessment & Customer Care
Initiative planning, sequencing and deployment
Service delivery channel development
Prior to his current role Bill served as Vice President of Global Delivery where he led a Global Fast Action team charged to accelerate the growth of McDonald's McDelivery business. McDelivery quickly became a significant business driver representing a multibillion dollar business in less than 18 months while providing more customers an elevated level of convenience.

Bill has a passion for restaurants and field operations where he has spent most of his career. He served as a Field Vice President and General Manager in multiple geographic regions over the previous decade where he was accountable for all aspects of growing the McDonald’s business from real estate selection, brand marketing and strategic franchising.

Bill is a Golden Arch Partner and has been recognized throughout his Career as a leader who believes in the three legged stool (Franchisees, Suppliers and Company Staff) while helping others develop in their careers.

Outside of McDonald’s Bill supports RMHC, enjoys skiing, outdoor activities and time with family. Bill, his wife Sabrae and their daughter Carly have recently relocated their home to Chicago.

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Adam Hirsen
Co-Founder, CEO at UPshow

Adam Hirsen is the CEO and co-founder of UPshow, the leading in-venue entertainment and marketing platform that develops interactive digital TV networks. UPshow is the only in-venue marketing and engagement platform for out of home venues, that delivers hyper-targeted marketing and interactive entertainment alongside a robust suite of analytics tools. UPshow helps our customers reach more than 100 million consumers through 25,000 in-venue TV screens worldwide.

Prior to UPshow, Adam was CEO and co-founder of SparkReel, the social media technology agency that helped big brands to harness user generated content. Previously, Adam was a VP at Sterling Partners, a Chicago venture capital firm. Adam’s first entrepreneurial venture was the creation of TextAway, a mobile messaging startup, which helped Westinghouse Digital replace their customer service call center.

When not working, Adam spends time with his wife, children, and dog, Franc, and is an avid pilot -- frequently documenting his travels on the popular aviation Instagram account, @airhirsen

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Jamie Muscatel
Joint Head Of Product at PropTech Company at Ready Media Group

Jamie Muscatel is 23 years old from Melbourne, Australia.

He is currently working Full-Time at a PropTech & Property Media company called Ready Media Group as Joint Head of Product.

In July 2021, Jamie graduated from Deakin University, attaining a Property/Commerce double degree.

Jamie would describe himself as a motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious young professional who strives for excellence in the Real Estate space, with a keen interest in the PropTech space. Jamie is a confident person who loves building professional relationships with like-minded individuals, and prides himself on his leadership, organisation and communication skills.

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Joshua Davis
Event Coordinator at Peanut Productions & Events

Joshua Davis is 23 years old and lives in Melbourne Australia.

Since July 2021, Josh has been working as an Event Coordinator at Peanut Productions where he focuses his time on event marketing and supplier/client relationship management.

In 2020, Josh completed a Bachelor of Business at Deakin University. Additionally, he completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Communication in 2021 also at Deakin University.

Josh would describe himself as an outgoing and very approachable individual who enjoys building professional relationships. He exhibits an entrepreneurial mentality and is very eager to learn and easily adapt to different environments.

Professionally, he is motivated by learning and striving to be the best version of himself while always giving 110%. Josh believes that learning should never stop and thoroughly enjoys learning from others.


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