October 11th at 12:00 PM

General Counsel & Compliance Conference



Time and Date

This event starts on October 11th at 12:00 PM.


On October 11th, 2018, YJP will be hosting its General Counsel & Compliance Conference.

This conference will exclusively bring together 100 of the top General Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers for a half day conference to discuss best practices, insights, and ideas with fellow peers.

The breakout sessions, featuring intimate roundtable discussions formatted to maximize interaction and value, will focus on topics such as:

  • GDPR & NYFDS Cybersecurity Regulations: Maintaining Compliance both Locally & Globally
  • The Effects of Technology on the Legal Landscape
  • Expectations & Trends in SEC Examinations for the Near Future
  • Investment Research, Big Data, & Web Scraping: Ethics & More
  • The Evolving Role of the General Counsel

- and many more!

Join us for a half-day conference of stimulating conversation, gourmet food and drink, and high-level networking with the top names in the industry. 

More speakers to come!

Interested in speaking? Contact jordyn@yjpnewyork.com


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Adam Felsenthal
Irving Place Capital
VP, Legal & Compliance
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Alexander Labowitz
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
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Andrew Nathanson
Suvretta Capital Management, LLC
Chief Compliance Officer & Counsel
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Andrew Reardon
HealthCare Royalty Partners
Chief Legal Officer
724489302ba381909f0e14e262b15ef443d4bf76 medium
Arik Hirschfeld
Guggenheim Partners
Chief Compliance Officer & Senior Counsel
Ec31771c620d545d4aea7ae4a0a2f9dbc5a07ae7 medium
Brian Meyer
Fir Tree Partners
General Counsel
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Bruce Kahne
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
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Claudia Green
Fermat Capital
General Counsel
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Courtney Posner
Echo Street Capital Management LLC
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Db8412c21d32ca5e650ca2d8a73a3b4c2c7486c3 medium
Daniel Weiner
Wexford Capital LP
Deputy General Counsel, Compliance Director, & VP
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Darren Edelstein
Lyxor Asset Management
General Counsel & Director
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David Klein
General Counsel
753de66e159a4a77f5997f2f687f589e8043efb6 medium
David Levine
Oz Management LLC
Chief Legal Officer
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David Palamé
Colony Capital, Inc.
Deputy General Counsel & Managing Director
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Diana LaMorie
Two Sigma Investments, LP
Senior Compliance Manager
F88c30935b81ad383d589a3e484247b2246d27ce medium
Emily Locher
Summit Rock Advisors
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
3d90a5e2358ad6fd24c4766646ac10604fb7d17c medium
Frederick Shaw
Hamilton Lane
Chief Compliance Officer
298d427337e823068abcb2c63473158ac27af1bd medium
Gabriel Mairzadeh
Investcorp Alternative Investment Solutions
General Counsel & Principal
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Ilan Nissan
Goodwin Procter
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Jackie Jacobs
Veronis Suhler Stevenson
Chief Compliance Officer
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Jared Landaw
Barington Capital Group, L.P.
General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer
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Jason Barnett
RXR Realty
General Counsel, Vice Chairman, & Secretary
615abcc8674f28db737ca0e8ebbca78442c7f35e medium
Jeffrey Goldfarb
Centerbridge Partners
Assistant General Counsel
1193da5eb3901a3c1bfa55c4505e680f60698a51 medium
Jennifer Boyce
The Riverside Company
General Counsel
626d811e15ce571ae62807994897d91c7dfbc2f7 medium
Joe Hanlon
Crescent Capital Group LP
Ce1754c184d88860a558bcf1306bfb327218ed31 medium
Jonathan Feiler
Arosa Capital Management
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
F644545257e22f6d7b82f4ab9bcc030aae6cccdf medium
Kelly Pettit
General Atlantic
Chief Compliance Officer, Associate General Counsel & SVP
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Lance Friedler
Phoenix Investment Adviser LLC
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
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Laurence Herman
Gerson Lehrman Group
General Counsel and Managing Director
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Mark Lande
Island Capital Group LLC
Senior Managing Director and Counsel
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Mark Polemeni
Perella Weinberg Partners
Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Regulatory Counsel
219cbe45fc4e576e0690776df332a0118eed71d0 medium
Mary Hornby
Abbott Capital Management, LLC
General Counsel & Managing Director
E024683afa111b72b06293365b26ae419d56ed74 medium
Matthew Bloom
Viking Global Investors LP
Chief Compliance Officer & Associate General Counsel
8e9dc98a268d9e6e924a9d5fbfe25aeed0d2d06c medium
Michael Butler
Nokota Capital
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
413e5322b0c65846f683b35dda01d622a943cd69 medium
Patrick Gordon
Gerson Lehrman Group
Deputy General Counsel
09e255e54cea42f7cca4b0eac4bd2840f40f530f medium
Richard Ellenbogen
Ulysses Management LLC
Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
98d9482c884dd8a7a452018905712f8fb12b8536 medium
Richard Wheelahan
Capitala Group and Capitala Finance Corp
General Counsel & CCO
4a612d1ab25bc4163f4aec9d953547390806a809 medium
Shailini Rao
Diameter Capital Partners LP
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
E70f8bfcc73f73a611f2a9f6f5451ac7f0cf3b9b medium
Simon Raykher
Kepos Capital
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
E673417e89653d6b9dc721a2f598b3ee2fba94d5 medium
Steven Spencer
Siris Capital
Senior Managing Director, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
68333055aea71817abddac238547af8a8228d572 medium
Tracey Yurko
Bridgewater Associates, LP
Chief Legal Officer
080a6dc284ab322c4fbf7d61d59f3c8c3c5e0822 medium
Vivian Hadis
Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer


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Adam Hakki
Shearman & Sterling LLP
1c0894f4e367af217354986b9579d14a83119743 medium
Christopher Wells
Proskauer Rose LLP
Fafab9f73794e5a2a0089880ee1b982bc049a560 medium
Ed Dartley
K&L Gates
Fc1e5f66f2748c82821b592edaf6952c9fae0bf2 medium
Jamie Lynn Walter
Kirkland & Ellis
177957a4160fe7d3d47e5721995fa0c22c55da94 medium
Jason Kaplan
Schulte Roth & Zabel
F6d885ea85eb4c6b29e6c64f23633a67c4219023 medium
Jeffrey Moskowitz
CohnReznick LLP
604fc9ed2216c19a92ba65ece8785036894b17b7 medium
Jeffrey Schultz
Jeffrey Schultz
Jeffrey Schultz
Ff2a50a202289c601d2bca42e52f8c6aa937b665 medium
Leor Landa
Davis Polk & Wardwell
3412fcc6777a98fa1fd29a515d7c953b9967bded medium
Marc Powers
307e520796a178a42cfd650d1bf7ef16cc6cfc54 medium
Peter Greene
Lowenstein Sandler LLP
Partner, Vice Chair, Investment Management Group
D71114654545291d5ec30856343385c85e4cd118 medium
Richard Shamos
Sadis & Goldberg LLP
Ffdadc6dda348fcd6a2037533a34998646930225 medium
Robert Leonard
Proskauer Rose LLP


October 11th
12:00 PM Registration, Lunch, & Networking 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
1:00 PM Breakout Session 1 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
2:30 PM Breakout Session 2 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
4:00 PM Breakout Session 3 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
5:15 PM Networking Reception 5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Partial Attendee List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.