YJP's 35 Under 35 Chanukah Gala

December 22 2019, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST Union Square


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Adam Fromowitz
Vcheck Global
Managing Director
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Adina Kamkhatchi
Adina's Jewels Inc.
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Alex Lieberman
The Morning Brew
Co-Founder & CEO
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Alison Zimmermann
Coty Inc. Calvin Klein Fragrances
Senior Global Marketing Manager
Ba65163cedb838d0b696096271fcbb328b02a0c6 medium
Anna Raginskaya
Blue Rider Group at Morgan Stanley
Financial Advisor
28687488cb174891da7fbfa69dfc7d6cc6b1cbf9 medium
Ariel Katz
9cc354d402e423d6216465bff405f37e1922cde7 medium
Avi Abadie
AMS Aquisitions
04235b555235d2e33343bce18dc67e73b05fe040 medium
Benjamin Arabov
Grow Enrollments
CEO & Founder
6e4469caeac7cea672477b578fc4454dc1b48698 medium
David Bratslavsky
IMB Wealth Technology
Founder & Managing Partner
7391b044d5d99b6e48f7344ab3972e0a9f7da667 medium
David Lax
Solo Energy & Electrical, LLC
8362f9512a4c714f663d96d12a623680c03721d8 medium
David Magid
YSG Solar
7cdc7ae2ae2ca4b8d1cbc7be7d5789986eb8b0e4 medium
David Teich
M&T Plumbing and Heating Co.
Vice President
972614083b468d4cf149feaac05c28e9849ac10e medium
Doug Ratner
I'd Rather Be With My Dog
CEO & Founder
48a5d9ce968cb43a3d9a2cba524581b26c471f75 medium
Eli Stober
FairCap Group
26e260ef7a0ed64f84184562c07b859903f58fc5 medium
Emma Gray
Senior Reporter
A8327008af05722523219d5d9398b468c19a8ce3 medium
Gregory Blumenkranz
Wittenstein Adelman Lewis Group
Account Vice President & Partner
9ccb9b0e20c0dd9ff99d8abd9791916476baebf8 medium
Ian Wishingrad
Founder & Creative Director
0e4968048b25a9bb2953d36923423c47f1b3f323 medium
Jared Sorin
McCarter & English, LLP
6d1d4d14325680517ed57af5d74bbc3ceb36f689 medium
Jeff Rosenblum
Odyssey Search Partners
Vice President
637c4994eaa8b683912ed153204d8bac4f741ba0 medium
Jeffrey Znaty
Kassin Sabbagh Realty
Director of Multifamily
29ada1c24605b360e57ea7fc1a88bb0163750f60 medium
Juliet Litman
The Ringer
Head of Production
D16ea7a02d5f856ea31f8ac05e3eabf6a468a795 medium
Kayla Konovitch
Senior Tax Manager
2fdfe103a67233d2a87369a4ab31977056a6303a medium
Lisa Rozner
13e426630ca75bbd7f29db3d8d522dbe1c565890 medium
Michael Karfunkel
National General Insurance
Financial Analyst
0eba04d919a80110ee9b03e153d7397c70bcafab medium
Mickey Penzer
The Bachrach Group
Associate - Real Estate Division & PropTech
C7ab089bcf279325241a7b6adc263f80bf9ec102 medium
Mike Jacobson
Comedy Central
Vice President, Strategy
Cc02f2e4f6359b189efc5e8ec9e1b99aa567717c medium
Nikki Robinson
Nomi Beauty Companies
CEO & Founder
349a15c74bd2e8d2c965dd42b783f09fbe18f48d medium
Or Lakritz
A12fe6fadbce713e15fb38b2cfd26e2adc1869b0 medium
Peter Stein
SporTech Ventures
CEO & Founder
E7a3113fa090c3a2a03b6efe121b7d214b528c2c medium
Rom Cohen
Airbud Technology
Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer
C926a96ed00e01acb9ed1aee19363e07bfcdbeec medium
Shira Atkins
Wonder Media Network
Co-Founder & CMO
D6454f9154235635b52729a79f153e7c7dc953cb medium
Steven Klein
Divorce AI
Dec304ec8e6769e84a5a6dda92c686a170c13c17 medium
Suzanna Grobman
94e83972a1b5821977c1a1adc08a86ff5144a599 medium
Zara Klaff
Klaff Family Investments/ Foundation


19197f43db3b22d1141d34543e82dc2dd8dd29a1 medium
Seth Dale
Promise Care NJ
Community Liaison
E463d9246f6815abe0dddc81d4cae61ae455e68c medium
raquel serebrenik


Sunday, December 22nd
6:00 PM EST

Union Square


December 22nd
6:00 PM Cocktail Reception & Dinner
7:00 PM Menorah Lighting & Award Ceremony
8:00 PM Dessert & Cocktails


Join YJP on its annual Chanukah Gala, where we will honor 35 rising stars in the Jewish community.
The evening will be a night to celebrate the festival of lights, create new friendships and reconnect with old ones. 

Nominate a rising star HERE

We will be lighting the Menorah to celebrate the first night of Chanukah.

-Chanukah Treats
-Open Bar
-Award Ceremony
- Dress code: Cocktail

We look forward to seeing you there!

Dietary Laws Observed.

This event is included for the following member chapters:
-Professional members and above

For general questions or sponsorship inquiries, please contact raquel@yjpnewyork.com

Disclaimer: This event is for young professionals age 40 and younger

YJP has a non-solicitation policy covering all of our conferences and events. In order to provide a distraction-free environment for our mentors, sponsors, attendees, and employees, we do not allow solicitation at our events by attendees or unauthorized parties without the express written permission or consent from YJP. Those found to be in violation of this policy will be prohibited from attending any YJP programs for one year.

Partial Guest List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.