September 15th at 7:00 PM

Heritage Shabbat


To Be Announced

Time and Date

This event starts on September 15th at 7:00 PM.


75-100 YJP’s come together for a meaningful alternative to another night on the town.

The evening will provide young professionals from all backgrounds with the opportunity to connect to their heritage and each other. Join us for a relaxing and meaningful evening featuring a premium open bar, delicious dinner, impactful programming and networking. 

Come reconnect with old friends and make some new ones!


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Adina Bolimovsky
Assistant Merchandiser
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Craig Herskowitz
Standard Chartered Bank
Senior AML Investigator
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Daniel Dolgicer
Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Real Estate Salesperson
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Jamie Faitlowicz
Tender Touch Rehab Services
Speech Language Pathologist
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Keighley Ashkenazy
Fashion & Lifestyle Editor
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Maia Hamison
Merrill Lynch
Vice President
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Michelle Bernstein
Miter Construction Corporation
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Shanah Forbes
Makeup Artist
Freelance Makeup Artist
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Yana Shulman
VP Legal & Compliance
Event Over
This event has concluded.