August 17th at 6:30 PM

Heritage Shabbat


YJP Mansion
107 E.16th Street
Manhattan, NY, 10003


This event is free for Young Leadership, VIP Leadership, President, CEO, and Chairman members.

Time and Date

This event starts on August 17th at 6:30 PM.


You love relaxing after a hard week, right? You love meeting fascinating new people right? Then our Shabbat dinners are the perfect way to spend your friday night. Brought to you by the YJP Heritage Program the dinner will a bring together great young professionals like yourself and will include an open bar, a full sit down shabbat dinner with desserts and a program that promises to be entertaining and enlightening. Come connect and enjoy. 


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Ben Rohr
Director of Heritage

Leadership Committees

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Alex Schatz
Pep Real Estate
Portfolio Manager
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Andrew Stern
Program Director
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Ben Taplin
Bevel Payment Solutions
Sales Associate
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Carol Braha
Carol Braha
Private Tutor
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Chaya Sokol
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Chez Eider
Marcus & Millichamp
Investment Sales Associate
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Daryl Goodman
Polaron European Services
Office Manager
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Jay Feldman
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J.R. Rothstein
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Real Estate Transactional Attorney
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Lavy Rosenthal
Carlton Group
Vice President
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Mitch Ebin
Salesforce Consultant
Madison Ave Consulting
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Olga Bashkatova
Next Stage Advisory
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Sam Schertz
Avison Young
Associate Director
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Shanna Grossman
Marketing Consultant
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Talia Maisel

Partial Attendee List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.