How to Build a Targeted Investment Strategy with Randy Reiff, CEO CIO CCO of Allegiant Real Estate Capital

Online Zoom Conference


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Randy Reiff
Allegiant Real Estate Capital
CEO, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Compliance Officer


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Alan Isenstadt
KeyBank Real Estate Capital
Senior Vice President & Senior Banker


Online Zoom Conference


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The YJP invites you to attend our real estate mentorship session with Randy Reiff, CEO, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer of Allegiant Real Estate Capital

Join us and a group of young rising stars in the industry of New York’s most prominent dealmakers, investors, owners, and executives as we convene on October 20th to discuss how private equity interacts with other capital sources.

Bring your questions to connect with Randy and grow your network.

This event is open for Virtual level members and above. For questions about membership please email:

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