In-Person Fireside Chat: Michael Shvo, Chairman, Founder & CEO at SHVO

May 31 2023, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM EDT TBD

Wednesday, May 31st
6:00 PM EDT



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Join us for an intimate In-Person Real Estate Fireside Chat with Michael Shvo. This session will be an opportunity to connect with a select, intimate group of young rising stars in the industry, as we convene on May 31. Bring your questions to connect with Michael, grow your network, and make new connections.

**This event will take place in person in NYC; dietary laws are observed

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Michael Shvo
Chairman, Founder & CEO


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Ran Eliasaf
Northwind Group
Founder & Managing Partner


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Eric Margules
Margules Properties
CEO & President
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Greg Corbin
Rosewood Realty Group
President of Bankruptcy and Restructuring
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Marc Breslaw
Tristate Plumbing Services
6fa2d3d63ab2890358bc7dfb543dbcc9c7c9bc74 medium
Robert Vahradian
GTIS Partners
Partner, Head of US Investments
Fdb25f3f27f26ebbb872a66f86bbd5e817fe5973 medium
Shaya Lesches
YJP Young Jewish Professionals
2d4be7568e62d6b09359310caabc661aa6beab72 medium
Steve Vegh
Westwood Realty Associates

Partial Guest List

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