In-Person Roundtable: Delivering Value to Stakeholders with Ross Cooper, President & CIO of Kimco






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Join us for an intimate IN PERSON real estate roundtable with Ross Cooper. This session will be an opportunity to connect with a select, intimate group of young rising stars in the industry, as we convene on January 17.

Bring your questions to connect with Ross, grow your network, and make new connections.

**This event will take place in person in NYC; dietary laws are observed

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Ross Cooper
President & CIO at Kimco

Ross Cooper is President and Chief Investment Officer of Kimco Realty Corporation. In this role, Mr. Cooper works closely with Kimco’s Investment Committee, risk team, and regional leadership in overseeing the development and implementation of Kimco’s acquisition and disposition strategy. Mr. Cooper is also a voting member of the Company’s Investment Committee which approves all new investments, development projects and property dispositions. Mr. Cooper joined Kimco in 2006, and prior to his current role served as an Executive Vice President of the company and as Vice President of Acquisitions, Dispositions and Asset Management in Kimco’s Southern Region.

Mr. Cooper holds a B.S. degree from the University of Michigan, and a Master’s degree in Real Estate from New York University.

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Jose Cruz
Senior Managing Director/Co-Head of the New Jersey office at JLL Capital Markets, Americas

Jose is a Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of the New Jersey office of JLL Capital Markets, Americas. He joins JLL as part of the HFF acquisition and is a member of the firm’s leadership committee. Jose specializes in investment advisory throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut and also oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm’s New Jersey office. During the course of his more than 25-year commercial real estate career, he’s been involved in more than $61.8 billion of office, industrial, retail, multifamily and land sales.

Jose started at HFF in March 2010. Before that, he was the Executive Director of Cushman & Wakefield’s New York area investment sales group where he spent more than 17 years. He began his real estate career as an Analyst at PaineWebber, UBS, Inc.


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