In-Person Roundtable: Invest In Your Future with Paige Ross, Global Head of HR at Blackstone

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Join us for an IN PERSON career finance roundtable with Paige Ross, Global Head of Human Resources at Blackstone. This session will be an opportunity to connect with a select, intimate group of young rising stars in the industry, as we convene on Tuesday, November 16th.

Bring your questions to connect with Paige Ross, grow your network, and make new connections. Come and enjoy insightful conversations, gourmet bites, and light refreshments!

This event is open to:
Professional level and above

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**Covid-19 guidelines will be strictly adhered to, this event will take place in person, and spaces are limited

**Please note that all attendees must show either proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result from within 48 hours of the event to enter. Wearing a mask when not eating/drinking is recommended and masks will be available for those who need them.

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Paige Ross
Global Head of Human Resources at Blackstone

Paige Ross is the Global Head of Human Resources at Blackstone. In this role she oversees human resource management globally for the firm. Ms. Ross brings more than 25 years of experience in talent development and strategic planning across a multitude of industries and geographies. Prior to joining Blackstone, Ms. Ross served as the Managing Director of Talent Management at Centerbridge Partners, with a focus on leading Talent Management across the portfolio companies. She has also held senior human resources leadership positions at Pfizer, Avon and PepsiCo. Ms. Ross earned her BA at Stony Brook University and PhD in Applied Organizational Psychology at Hofstra University.

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Shirley Sharma
President at Tomorrow’s Genius and GreenPoint Global

Shirley Sharma is the President of Tomorrow’s Genius and GreenPoint Global. Ms. Sharma brings more than three decades of experience in management, marketing and strategic planning across a multitude of industries and geographies. Prior to incorporating Tomorrow’s Genius and GreenPoint Global, Ms. Sharma managed $40 million as AVP at Salomon Smith Barney.

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Tim Lewko
CEO, Global Strategy Advisor and Author of "Making Big Decisions Better" at Thinking Dimensions Global Consulting

Tim Lewko is the CEO of Thinking Dimensions – a global consultancy and author of the best-selling book – Making Big Decisions Better: How to Set and Simplify Strategy.

Tim has over 20 years of experience working with senior leaders of Private Equity, Family Office, Mid-Cap and MNCs across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

His clients have achieved over $1Billion USD of improved EBITDA performance using his proprietary strategy system and decision making tools. Clients have included: Apria, Baxter, CorVel, Church and Dwight, Electrolux, Franke, Harsco, La-Z-Boy, and Selig.

Tim strongly believes senior executives should not & "outsource their strategic
thinking" but leverage internal talent and build capabilities in their companies
to address today’s rapidly changing industry shifts and workforce challenges.
He currently resides in Vancouver, BC.


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