In-Person Roundtable: Michael Ashner, Chairman & CEO of Winthrop Realty Trust

June 28 2023, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EDT TBD

Wednesday, June 28th
6:00 PM EDT



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Join us for an intimate In-Person real estate roundtable with Michael Ashner. This session will be an opportunity to connect with a select, intimate group of young rising stars in the industry, as we convene on June 28. Bring your questions to connect with Michael, grow your network, and make new connections.

**This event will take place in person in NYC; dietary laws are observed

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Michael Ashner
CEO & Chairman at Winthrop Realty Trust

Mr. Ashner has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Winthrop Realty Trust, a NYSE-listed real estate investment trust, since 2004. Winthrop Realty Trust currently owns/controls/manages a portfolio of approximately $2.4 billion of real estate and real estate related assets. In addition, Mr. Ashner has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Winthrop Realty Partners, L.P., a vertically integrated property management firm, since 1996. Mr. Ashner has acquired over $12 billion of real estate, including 85,000 apartment units, 50 million square feet of office, retail, and industrial assets and 1,000 hotel rooms. Winthrop Realty Partners has managed more than 500 limited partnerships, of which in excess of 50 were publicly reporting with over 100,000 investors, as well as five publicly traded REITS.

Mr. Ashner served as Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shelbourne Properties a group of three publically traded real estate investment trusts, from 2002 until their liquidation in 2004. In addition, he was the Chairman and CEO of Newkirk Realty Trust, a NYSE-listed real estate investment trust, from its formation through its merger with Lexington Realty Trust in January 2007. Thereafter, he served as Executive Chairman of Lexington Realty Trust following its merger with Newkirk Realty Trust from 2007 through 2008. Prior to 1996, Mr. Ashner was President and Chief Executive Officer of National Property Investors.

Mr. Ashner currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, and the Advisory Board of the Cornell University Program in Real Estate. He is also a Trustee of the Jaffa Institute a charitable institution that develops day and boarding schools in the State of Israel. In addition, he is a Trustee of the National World War II Museum located in New Orleans.

Mr. Ashner holds an AB from Cornell University and a JD from the University of Miami. He resides in Cove Neck, New York.

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