Jane Lauder, Chief Data Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies: How the consumer journey is evolving in a digital world and the implications for brands

- Online Zoom Conference



Online Zoom Conference


YJP is excited to host Jane Lauder  SVP of Marketing and Chief Digital Office at Estee Lauder for a virtual mentorship roundtable discussion.

Attendees will have the opportunity to partake in an intimate and candid roundtable discussion with the speaker and a group of 20-30 young fashion/luxury/beauty professionals.

We look forward to seeing you there!

This event is included for the following member chapters:

- Media/Marketing Professional members
- Fashion Professional members
- Tech members

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Jane Lauder
Executive Vice President, Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer at The Estée Lauder Companies

Jane Lauder, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Marketing and Chief Data Officer,
The Estée Lauder Companies, is a leading voice in the beauty industry, with more than
23 years at The Estée Lauder Companies.

Reporting to Fabrizio Freda, President and CEO of The Estée Lauder Companies, Ms.
Lauder leads enterprise-wide efforts to combine data-driven insights with creativity,
including the company-wide strategy to leverage business insights and analytics to build
digitally-directed priorities to accelerate growth. Specifically, global and regional
corporate marketing, consumer and product marketing insights, global consumer care
and marketing planning, and advertising and promotion effectiveness.

Ms. Lauder has been a member of the Board of Directors of The Estée Lauder
Companies Inc. since July 2009. Currently, Ms. Lauder sits on the Board of Trustees for
the New York Public Library, the Board of Directors of the Friends of the High Line in
New York City, as well as the Board of Directors Eventbrite.

Ms. Lauder graduated from Stanford University and currently resides in New York City.
She is the granddaughter of the Founder and namesake of The Estée Lauder
Companies and the daughter of Ronald S. Lauder, Chairman, Clinique Laboratories, LLC.

Partial Guest List

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