Krav Maga Workshop with Jewish Defense Fund

July 11 2024, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EDT NYC

Thursday, July 11th
6:00 PM EDT



IN-PERSON IN NYC - Open to all Jewish young professionals!

Join us for an empowering Krav Maga workshop specifically designed for Jewish young professionals! In light of the increasing antisemitism, this event aims to equip you with essential self-defense skills and boost your confidence in personal safety.

The workshop will be led by Izzy Karten, a seasoned Krav Maga expert with a background in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Izzy has competed in numerous Krav Maga competitions and has a proven track record of teaching effective self-defense techniques. Passionate about engaging and strengthening the Jewish community, Izzy has organized many Jewish events across the Upper East Side and Manhattan. As an activist, he has led pro-Israel rallies, raised significant funds for Israel, and been featured on national television discussing the current conflict.

This event is proudly sponsored by the Jewish Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the continuity and security of the Jewish community. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from an expert, connect with like-minded peers, and enhance your self-defense capabilities. Learn more about Jewish Defense Fund at

Please wear workout clothes to ensure you can move comfortably and fully participate in the exercises.

Secure your spot today and stand strong against antisemitism!

With any questions on this event, please email:

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Community Mentor
Asher Troppe
Founder, Executive Director at Jewish Defense Fund

Asher is a passionate advocate for the Jewish community, and has dedicated himself to the security and continuity of Jewish life in response to the recent surge in Antisemitism. As the founder and Executive Director of the Jewish Defense Fund (JDF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, he channels his commitment into actionable programs designed to address and mitigate the effects of rising Antisemitic sentiments. The JDF, rooted in Asher's personal history as the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, aims to foster a safer future for the Jewish community worldwide, embodying his aspiration for it to leave a lasting impact across generations. Asher’s great grandfather was a spiritual and ethical leader of Eastern European Jewry and of what is now one of the largest Jewish educational institutions in the world. Asher carries this inspiration forward.

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Asher’s career in the financial sector spans over 25 years on Wall Street as an independent trader and fund manager. As co-founder and CEO of Tress Capital, among the first venture capital / private equity firms focused on the cannabis sector, Asher made significant contributions to the normalization and institutionalization of this sector. Under his leadership, Tress Capital has made strategic full-cycle investments in groundbreaking companies, marking notable successes in the industry. Asher carries a unique blend of financial acumen and a deep-seated commitment to his community that positions him as a distinguished leader both in business and charitable activities.

Partial Guest List

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