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Marketing & Communications Forum



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Jon Iwata
SVP - Marketing & Communications
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Justin Hergianto
Senior Director of Digital & Print Marketing
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Katrina Craigwell
GE Digital
VP, Global Marketing Innovation
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Lisa Schneider
Chief Digital Officer & Publisher
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Luis Spencer Freitas
Pernod Ricard USA
Digital Marketing Director
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Uwe Ellinghaus
Chief Marketing Officer


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Amanda Juip
Director of Video Solutions
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Daniel Binns
Managing Director
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Josh McCall
Jack Morton Worldwide
Chairman and CEO
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Julie Levin
Branding & Business Development Consultant
Branding & Business Development Consultant


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Dan Gerstein
Gotham Ghostwriters
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Dick Wechsler
Lockard & Wechsler
Founder, CEO
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Donny Dvorin
Vice President of National Sales
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Eric Berry
CEO and co-founder
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Eric Schwartz
Perform Media
Senior Account Executive
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Jason Feldman
Experian Marketing Services
Head of Global Data Management
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Mark Gold
2020 Startups
Managing Director
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Sandi Harari
EVP, Creative Director
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S. Daniel Leon
Entrepreneur, venture investor, and a senior tech executive.
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Shahar Fridman
Group SJR
Senior Director, Head of Media
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Stephanie Fleischman
Product Specialist


The Marketing & Communications Forum is a unique event designed to create meaningful discussions regarding the current trends and future predictions of the marketing & communications world. This is your opportunity to interact with marketing mavens from iconic, global brands and meet like-minded individuals within the industry. From a buffet dinner and premium open bar, to mingling and networking, you can expect a productive and exciting evening.

Not only will you be surrounded by some of the greatest minds within the industry, but the roundtable-style conversations will allow you to interact personally with those in your breakout session.



Partial Guest List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.