May 1st at 6:00 PM

Marketing, Strategy, & E-Commerce Forum

Union Square Area


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Abby Levy
SoulCycle Inc.
SVP of Strategy & Growth
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Ben Lewis
Little Spoon
Co-Founder & CEO
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Brett Goldberg
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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Dafne Hefner
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Vice President of Consumer Strategy & Insights
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Kaitlyn Jankowski
Former Vice President of Marketing
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Scott Rosenberg
SVP & GM of Platform Business


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Ian Wishingrad
Founder & Creative Director
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Ted Birkhahn
Hot Paper Lantern
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Zohar Dayan
Co-Founder & CEO


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Roey Harari
VP of Operations

Leadership Committees

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Alexa Leopold
Community Manager
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Michal Shtofman
Director of Marketing & Business Development
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Nis Frome



Union Square Area

Time and Date

This event starts on May 1st at 6:00 PM.


YJP is an exclusive community dedicated to connecting young professionals with current industry leaders to help them become the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Our signature roundtable format was specifically designed to foster organic discussions about the future of marketing and strategy, develop new long-term professional relationships, and allow attendees to explore professional opportunities and potential partnerships.

The evening kicks off with dinner, drinks, and networking, where you’ll find fresh faces and reconnect with some familiar ones. Afterward, you will take a seat at a roundtable discussion where you will join in on a meaningful conversation regarding current market trends and various eCommerce philosophies. This your opportunity to personally connect with and get to know some of the most talented and successful professionals within the industry.

Questions about this event? Please email .


May 1st
6:00 PM Dinner, Cocktails, & Networking
7:00 PM Breakout Sessions
8:15 PM Dessert & Networking

Partial Attendee List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.