February 20th at 6:00 PM

Marketing & Venture Capital Forum

Union Square Area


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Franklin Isacson
Marquee Venture Partners.
Founding Partner
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Gina Gotthilf
VP of Growth and Marketing
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Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian
Alex + Ani
Head of Marketing + eCommerce
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Mukul Deoras
Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Chief Marketing Officer
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Scott Schiller
Executive Vice President and General Manager of Advertising Sales, Marketing, for NBCUniversal’s Advertising and Client Partnerships division.
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Tricia Nichols
Estee Lauder
Head of Global Consumer Marketing


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Adam Cohen-Aslatei
Jun Group
VP, Marketing
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Chris Clarke
Pure Growth Group
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Mesh Gelman
Siren Ideas, Starbucks
Former Senior Vice President
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Shane McWilliams
Director of Business Development
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Tal Chalozin
Co-Founder and CTO


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Ben Goldberg
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Bradd Kern
Sea Bottle
A9490e0d9a2fbdfe74c7e8b903add56a4d61264c medium
Chaya Halon
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Graham Fortgang
MatchaBar NYC
Acab0ab0718eeb60ddd8dd00be901c1add77456f medium
Joel Roodman
Logic Products
8179733493af25c16260d2ffb2f3ab5f15cee196 medium
Nick Greenfield
Candid Co.
0115dea3941f48f7412e890de74ddee780a9b3f9 medium
Niko Nikolaou
Cham Cold Brew Tea
Co-Founder & CEO
Aab2ee85f73a83a7dfdd4bdd26b97f3745865536 medium
Nina Faulhaber
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Robyn Shapiro
Seek Food
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Sharon Solomon
Jerrick Media
Brand Advisor
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Shmuli Rosenberg
C5205f4129bec89b6a48db2e7844283d893bb7f6 medium
Sierra Smith
Zorpads, Inc.

Leadership Committees

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Abby Lehman
Spark Foundry
Programmatic Analytics
A02a9e4b0cc80da3f7a562817098ac6e52a3cea0 medium
Daniel Benchimol
Business Development & Partnerships
Cfdf92138a19268028c117279915e0cff403ef28 medium
Jodi Goldin
Chick's Clique: A Gal's Guide to a Healthy Social Life
60be7256476169ccd566efa60eadf5d0331d1d2c medium
Lauren Birnbaum
Creative Strategist
885584d55d8bf409876201b71f1e721bcbea4313 medium
Michael Penn
M&C Saatchi Mobile
Associate Director
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Simon Moskovitz
Paid Social Media Strategist, Nestlè

Union Square Area

Time and Date

This event starts on February 20th at 6:00 PM.


Network | Find a Mentor | Learn something new

This Forum will take place on Tuesday evening, February 20th, bringing together top executives, partners, and like-minded professionals from the Marketing, eCommerce Venture Capital, and Consumer Goods industries. 

This event is perfect for those who work in Marketing, eCommerce, Advertising, Media and Communications as well as those who are Founders/CEO's of new consumer goods products looking to learn how to succeed in the competitive industry.

The evening kicks off with a gourmet dinner, premium open bar, and networking, where you’ll find fresh faces and reconnect with some familiar ones. Afterwards, you will take a seat at a roundtable session where you will join in on a meaningful discussion regarding the current market trends and various investment philosophies. You will have the option to choose an industry focus; either Marketing or Consumer Goods - Venture Capital.

The roundtable format is designed to create an open atmosphere for valuable group discussion. This your opportunity to personally to connect and get to know some of the most talented and successful professionals within the industry. What are you waiting for?

Check out the video below from a past event! 

Don't just take our word for it...see what one of our favorite CEO's, Ed Moed (Peppercomm) has to say!


February 20th
6:00 PM Event kicks-off with Dinner, an open premium bar, and networking
7:00 PM Breakout Session
8:15 PM Dessert and Networking


Partial Attendee List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.