Mentorship Session with Eric Lang (Teacher Retirement System of Texas) and Jim Zelter (Apollo)

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Online Zoom Conference

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Eric Lang
Senior Managing Director of External Private Markets at Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Eric Lang is responsible for formulating and directing the investment strategy and portfolio construction for 35% of the Trust (15 percent allocation to Real Estate, 14 percent allocation to Private Equity, and 6 percent allocation to Energy, Natural Resources & Infrastructure). He is a member of the TRS IMD Management Committee. He is also a member of the overall TRS Investment Committee, as well as a member of the Private Equity Investment, Real Estate Investment, and ENRI Investment Committees. Prior to his current position, Eric was a Managing Director of Real Estate at TRS. Previously he was Managing Director of Kennedy Wilson. He also was an asset manager with American General Corporation.
Eric is board director of Home Partners of America. He is Past-chairman and former board member of the Pension Real Estate Association (“PREA”) and is a member of PREA’s Capital Market Trends Affinity Group. He is a current member of the PREA Foundation Board of Directors. He was Chairman of the 2009 PREA Fall Conference. Eric was the inaugural Chairman of the PREA|IPD U.S. Property Fund Index Advisory Board. He is also a member of the University of Texas Real Estate Finance and Investment Executive Council.
Eric received his BBA from the University of Texas in Austin and his MBA from the University of Houston.

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Jim Zelter
Co-President at Apollo

Mr. Zelter is Co-President of Apollo Global Management, Inc. sharing responsibility for all of Apollo’s revenue-generating and investing business across its integrated alternative investment platform. Mr. Zelter focuses on Apollo’s credit and yield business, and has led Apollo’s broad expansion of its credit platform. He serves on the Credit Investment Committee as Chief Investment Officer. Before joining Apollo in 2006, Mr. Zelter was with Citigroup Inc. and its predecessor companies where he was Chief Investment Officer of Citigroup Alternative Investments, after leading the firm's global high-yield and leveraged-finance franchise. Before joining Citigroup, Mr. Zelter was a high-yield trader at Goldman Sachs. He is a board member of DUMAC, the investment management company that oversees the Duke University endowment and Duke Foundation. He earned an economics degree from Duke University.


This event is part of YJP's Mentorship Initiative.

Please join in on a conversation with Eric Lang, Senior Managing Director of Private Markets at Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

About TRS:
Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is a public pension fund officially established in 1937. It provides service, disability and health benefits to those employed by public schools, colleges and universities. TRS invests and manages trust assets to deliver benefits to its members.

May 13th, 5:30PM-6:15PM

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