Mentorship with Bill Benjamin, Ares

- Online Zoom Conference



Online Zoom Conference


The YJP invites you to attend our real estate mentorship session with Bill Benjamin, Head of Real Estate, Ares.

Join us and a group of young rising stars in the industry of New York’s most prominent dealmakers, investors, owners, and executives as we convene on December 1st for an open forum.

Bring your questions to connect with Bill and grow your network.

This event is open for Virtual level members and above. For questions about membership please email:

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Bill Benjamin
Partner, Head of Real Estate Group at Ares

Partner, Head of Real Estate Group
Mr. Benjamin is a Partner and Head of Ares Real Estate Group and a member of the Management Committee of Ares Management. He also serves as a Director and Chairman of the Ares Commercial Real Estate Corporation Board of Directors. Additionally, Mr. Benjamin serves on the Ares Real Estate Group Global Investment Committee and Ares Real Estate Debt Investment Committee. Mr. Benjamin joined Ares in July 2013 from AREA Property Partners, where he was a Senior Partner from 1995 to 2013. Mr. Benjamin joined AREA Property Partners in 1995 from Bankers Trust Corp, where he was a Principal from 1986 to 1995. He is a Trustee of Impetus, a UK based charity focused on improving access to education and employment for disadvantaged youth. Mr. Benjamin graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts degree in social studies and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School.

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Shari Reimer
Vice President at United Building Maintenance

Shari Reimer is the Vice President for United Building Maintenance based in New York City, NJ and now Philadelphia. She is responsible for expanding United's client base and client relations. Prior to joining UBM 4 years ago, Shari worked at Archaio, selling property management software. Prior to that she was with the Montauk Group, providing global banking relationship services, after enjoying a successful career spanning two decades in high end residential real estate sales and rentals. Shari earned her BSM and MBA from Tulane University. She enjoys being a member of YJP, BOMA, IREM, REBNY and ICSC and giving back by teaching Junior Achievement, hosting events at the Boys & Girls Club of Newark, volunteering at St. Jude and many others!

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