December 3rd at 6:30 PM

Private Equity Dinner

Union Square


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Marc Rowan
Apollo Global Management, LLC
co-founder and Senior Managing Director
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Scott Sperling
Thomas H. Lee Partners
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Tom Keck
StepStone Group


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Bryan Colwell
LCN Capital Partners
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Steven Cohen
Morgan Lewis


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Ilana Foni
J.P. Morgan
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Itay Golan
Bank Hapoalim International
Relationship Manager
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Jared Bernheim
The Carlyle Group
Vice President
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Rochelle Kracoff
Saratoga Investment Corp
Compliance Manager



Union Square

Time and Date

This event starts on December 3rd at 6:30 PM.


December 3rd
6:30 PM Dinner, Cocktails & Networking
7:15 PM Panel Discussion
8:15 PM Dessert, Cocktails & Mingling


Join YJP for an inspirational evening with:

Tom Keck (StepStone Group)

Mark Rowan (Apollo Global Management)

Scott Sperling (Thomas H. Lee Partners)

Attendees will dine, learn and mingle with three prominent financial figures, and other rising stars in the industry.  

Doors open at 6:30PM and the panel will commence at 7:15 PM.

This event is complimentary for:
Professional level members in the finance division.
Young Leadership members and above levels.
(for membership questions please contact:

Interested in sponsorship opportunities? 
Please reach out to 

*Dietary Laws Observed*

We hope to see you there!

*YJP has a non-solicitation policy covering all of our conferences and events. In order to provide a distraction-free environment for our mentors, sponsors, attendees, and employees, we do not allow solicitation at our events by attendees or unauthorized parties without the express written permission or consent from YJP. Those found to be in violation of this policy will be prohibited from attending any YJP programs for one year.*

Partial Attendee List

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