July 19th at 6:00 PM

Real Estate Investment Forum

Union Sq / Irving Pl area


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Andrew Katz
Prusik Group
Co-Founder and Principal
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Avi Abadie
AMS Acquisitions
Managing Principal
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Bruno Haid
Roam International, Inc.
Founder & CEO
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David Amirian
Amirian Group
CEO & Founder
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Eric Bass
GFI Development Inc. LLC
Ff6b3679ee73e143c866f790de7f57a8bc2045a3 medium
Gregory J. Kalikow
The Kalikow Group
Vice President
53ac6394200f8b9a15da9bea38fc84483c341abb medium
Howard Glatzer
Cadence Property
Principal and Founder
034bee6dcb9d5736b23c94923b173c11b8167e8b medium
Jacob L. Sacks
Cayuga Capital
Principal and Co-Founder
A8de80a43a02139fde6a75abbfbea626529fb603 medium
Jared Pinchasick
JAM Real Estate Partners, LLC
D0c2979f156b8d28bb934cb6cd402878701b3eb6 medium
Jeff Mooallem
Gazit Horizons
President & CEO
8743e1901861dc54d53a8d41f592fae992fe9c92 medium
Jonathan Goldberg
2a797e9c0e3468947d646179eeeac9004d66fa5a medium
Mark Fogel
ACRES Capital
Ed184bf5c6a9548fb07fd53ec9db8f81075fc4fb medium
Michael Ashner
Winthrop Capital
Chairman & CEO
66270400ef78a5feec52106f7e2192a2048fac5f medium
Robert C. Lobel
Bellrock Development Group
7fa2d3f4124a8451bd7705215b84067dbb8254ac medium
Sara Rubenstein
Continental Ventures
General Counsel & Senior Vice President
Eb1d60642a5ed235d358189ce9a7b87744a6e9f7 medium
Steven Pinchasick
JAM Real Estate Partners, LLC


126b7ff87ec3b69c6d339641205e17b96644be14 medium
Alen Gershkovich
Inspiron Construction
B17d7a4ef994e896f0738b90e07ba1a9097dfd8a medium
Ari Davis
Tannenbaum Helpern
Commercial Real Estate Attorney
B3a89672294f4d72f65820ee4e038234c41f14e4 medium
Charles Agus
Benedict Realty Group
Ef3f343cf022b4cfd8b85471a2bfe52075cf3b4a medium
David Lubin
Clairmont Group
Managing Partner
6c42f1e801ff8ecbdaefef8742bed5b5e7f34c5c medium
Ori Foger
Kensington Vanguard

Union Sq / Irving Pl area

Time and Date

This event starts on July 19th at 6:00 PM.


The Young Jewish Professional's Real Estate Investment Forum will be taking place July 19th, 2018. The largest organization of its kind; YJP has built an exclusive community dedicated to connecting and nurturing early to mid-stage career professionals, through meaningful networking events, innovative programming, and leading educational content. 

 • Dinner & Cocktail Reception
 • Intimate Breakout Sessions 
 • VIP Speakers  
 • Peer-to-Peer Networking  
 • Access to World Class Mentors and Investment Experts  

Preliminary Agenda:



July 19th
6:00 PM Networking, Dinner & Cocktails
6:45 PM Opening Remarks
7:00 PM [5 Concurrent] Roundtable Breakout Sessions
8:30 PM Continue the Conversation over Dessert & Cocktails
9:00 PM Thank You for Joining & See You at the Next One!

Partial Attendee List

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Event Over
This event has concluded.