Real Estate & Finance Cross-Industry Networking Hive

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Online Zoom Conference


Join us for our next installment of the Networking Hive: Real Estate & Finance Edition. An event that offers a platform for young Jewish professionals to connect and networking digitally, as we bring together individuals from all over.

The format is simple. All participants are welcomed to the main event where we will discuss the rules and format. Followed by this introduction all participants are divided at random into 3 breakout rooms, guided by hosts TBA. There will be 3 sessions of breakout rooms each lasting 15 minutes ad with a general topic or question to start the conversation guided by our hosts. After the breakout sessions, we will all come back to the main screen where each of the hosts will briefly discuss the takeaways.

Connect and shmooze with different groups of rising stars and continue to build your network now more than ever!

This event is complimentary for virtual level members, professional level members, young leadership, and VIP leadership members. If you are not a member and wish to attend, you can apply by registering.

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please email: &

We hope to see you there!

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Ian Glastein
Managing Principal at Monarch Alternative Capital

Ian Glastein is a Managing Principal at Monarch Alternative Capital, a private investment firm with over $9 billion of assets under management. Mr. Glastein focuses on investments in opportunistic and distressed situations across corporate debt, real estate, special situations, and other market segments. Prior to joining Monarch in 2011, Mr. Glastein worked at Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Healthcare Group before completing a two-year fellowship at The Rabinowitz Institute in Israel. Mr. Glastein currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Shopko Optical, as well as on the boards of various entities related to investments in U.S. real estate. In addition to his professional affiliations, Mr. Glastein also serves on the boards of the Meor Foundation, the Yeshiva of South Shore and Congregation Yagdil Torah. Mr. Glastein graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, magna cum laude, with a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School and a B.A. in Biology from the College of Arts and Sciences. He also earned a Master of Biotechnology from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Mr. Glastein resides in Woodmere, NY with his wife and children.

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Max Yardeni
Real Estate Associate at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Max Yardeni is an associate in the firm’s New York office.

Max concentrates his practice in real estate transactional work, including
the financing, acquisition, disposition and leasing of various types of
commercial real estate assets as well as development, construction, and
financing of a variety of property types. Max represents investors,
borrowers, REITs and developers in a broad range of real estate

Partial Guest List

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