Roundtable with Wesley LePatner, Global Head of Core+ Real Estate at Blackstone (Professional Level)

February 28 2024, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST Midtown Manhattan

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Wesley LePatner
Senior Managing Director, Real Estate at Blackstone

Wesley LePatner is a Senior Managing Director in the Real Estate Group and the Global Head of Core+ Real Estate, based in New York. Ms. LePatner is a member of Blackstone Real Estate’s Investment Committee and serves as a Director and the Chief Operating Officer of Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust (BREIT).

Prior to joining Blackstone in 2014, Ms. LePatner spent over a decade at Goldman Sachs. Ms. LePatner received a BA in History from Yale University, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and serves on the boards of The Hewitt School, The Abraham Joshua Heschel School, The Mount Sinai Children’s Center Foundation and Yale University Library Council.

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David Reiner
Partner at Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

David is a seasoned leader of complex real estate–centred transactions, specializing in joint ventures and significant acquisitions and dispositions involving both stabilized properties and development projects. He advises clients on domestic and cross-border matters with respect to all property types and has been instrumental in transactions regarding some of the most iconic properties across the country. David also has extensive experience advising on large infrastructure projects.

Known for his straightforward approach and strong business sense, David is a trusted adviser to some of the world’s largest real estate developers, asset and property managers, pension funds and investment funds. His client-focused approach has also earned the trust of several public sector organizations and Canadian banks, which regularly choose him for their important matters.

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Shaya Lesches
Director at YJP Young Jewish Professionals

Shaya Lesches is Co-founder and Director of Young Jewish Professionals (YJP), a nonprofit dedicated to creating and promoting targeted business and educational opportunities that accelerate the career success of New York City’s Jewish business community. The organization, founded in 2008, has fostered unparalleled peer-to-peer learning and professional leadership platforms across the NYC business scene. YJP has succeeded in creating a world-class community connecting the nation’s top business leaders with aspiring young professionals through YJP’s innovative network.

An entrepreneur at heart, Shaya also founded Australian Kosher Winery in his native Australia. In 2018, Shaya established the YJP Center for Leadership, the world’s first Jewish Business Leadership Center located in the heart of Manhattan’s Union Square.

Shaya is also a founding member of the Rambam Foundation, a not-for-profit organization in connecting the world’s top Jewish business leaders, physicians and investors to accelerate innovation in healthcare delivery through cross functional collaborations.

Rabbi Lesches currently serves as a Trustee of the West Side Jewish Center in Manhattan. He currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and six children.

Wednesday, February 28th
6:00 PM EST

Midtown Manhattan


This roundtable is intended for YJP's Professional level members (1-9 years of work experience).

YJP is excited to host Wesley LePatner, Global Head of Core+ Real Estate at Blackstone. This will be a small roundtable for professional-level members, capped at 20 young professionals. The priority for this event is given to those who work within Wesley's specific field. For questions about the event or membership please reach out to:

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