Startup Strategy: The Story of Disruptive Technology with Harry Moseley the Global CIO at Zoom

- Online Zoom Conference



Online Zoom Conference


Please join YJP and Harry Moseley , Global CIO Zoom Video Communications on December 3rd at 12pm ET as we discuss how Zoom transformed the future of technology and business. Through this mentorship initiative, young professionals will have the opportunity to explore strategies to design and drive innovation. Our digital community will have the opportunity to partake in an intimate and candid discussion with a Q&A session.   

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This event is complimentary for:
Young Leadership members and above levels.    

*YJP has a non-solicitation policy covering all of our conferences and events. In order to provide a distraction-free environment for our mentors, sponsors, attendees, and employees, we do not allow solicitation at our events by attendees or unauthorized parties without the express written permission or consent from YJP. 

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Harry Moseley
Global CIO at Zoom Video Communications

Harry D. Moseley brings to Zoom a blend of transformational leadership, disruptive innovation, and corporate growth strategies. As the former CIO & Managing Director for KPMG, Harry was responsible for technology and innovation to support the firm's competitive growth. Over five years he identified and replaced legacy technology to dramatically improve productivity, security, and reliability. Before joining KPMG, Harry served as CIO & Senior Managing Director - Partner for Blackstone, where he led the company's transformation to the world's best digital alternative asset manager. Prior to Blackstone, Harry was a Managing Director for Credit Suisse, where he served as the CIO of Global Investment Banking, and Global Co-Head of Application Development / Co-CIO of the firm. Before Credit Suisse, Harry served as CTO & Managing Director for UBS Americas.

Harry has been inducted into CIO Magazine's Hall of Fame, recognized as one of the world's top 100 CIOs by Computerworld, and honored by Irish Magazine as one of its Annual Wall Street 50. Harry is an Advisory Board Member of BioDental Sciences, a Board Member of Rewards Network, is both a National Board member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and a member of the Advisory Board of the New York City Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and a sponsor of nPower. He is a former Board Member of Bi-Sam (since acquired by Factset), a former Advisor to Aquiline Capital Partners, a former Board Member of iLevel Solutions (since acquired by Ipreo), and led Blackstone's investment in Watchdox (since acquired by Blackberry).

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Benny Cohen
President and CEO at KPI Digital

Benny Cohen is a business leader with over 35-years of experience. He founded KPI Digital over 20-years ago, a fast-growing, multi-generational consulting firm, made of a team of creative and innovative talent dedicated to solving and delivering advanced business solutions.

KPI Digital helps their customers, across North America, meet their business objectives and challenges through Digital Transformation, using data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Performance Management. KPI Digital has an extensive set of offerings, delivered by top notch professionals and enabled through their partnerships with leading technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft, AWS, Google and many more.

KPI Digital was named one of the top 10 Digital Transformation solution providers by CIO magazine. Their continuous growth is a testament to the confidence their clients place in them and to the commitment of their employees and business partners.

Prior to founding KPI Digital, Benny spent over 20 years implementing various ERPs like SAP, Oracle, JDE and others. Part of his success has been achieved through his ability to see the "big picture" while keeping sharp attention to detailed execution plans and always striving for results from his employees, for their customers and business partners. Benny has a business and Information Systems degree from McGill University.

Outside of the office, KPI Digital actively supports many community and educational initiatives. Some of KPI Digital’s values: Do what is right, always; seek the facts and provide insights, fuel growth and innovation, focus on adding value to their employees, customers and business partners, be proud of your accomplishments and above all, act with integrity.

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Emilia Slotnick
Relationship Manager at The Wall Street Journal

Emilia Slotnick is a Relationship Manager for C-Suite members of The Wall Street Journal. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2015, and is currently enrolled in Johns Hopkins University's Organizational Leadership program. She is also a member of the Young Professionals Committee of the Crohns and Colitis Foundation, Greater New York Chapter.


November 18th
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