The Do's and Don'ts of Real Estate investing, How to Start and Grow your Portfolio with Michael Nash and Richard Wagman

Online Zoom Conference


Online Zoom Conference


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We are excited to welcome Michael Nash (Managing Partner at Blackstone) and Richard Wagman (Founder of Madison Capital). 

In this new installment of our Facetime with Real EState leaders series, Michael and Richard will be discussing the skills and steps young professionals need to follow in order to grow their portfolio strategically. 

-Learn from two of the top investors in NYC. 
-Come with questions.
-Understand the experiences both Michael and Richard have had and how they overcame different challenges. 

This event is included for virtual members and above in the YJP real estate chapter. 

Interested in being part of YJP?

Email: for more information. 


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Michael Nash
Senior Managing Director
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Richard Wagman
Madison Capital
Managing Partner


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Leo Leyva
Cole Schotz
co-chair of the Litigation and Real Estate Departments

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