September 17th at 6:00 PM

Torah with the CEO

TBA-- Right Off Union Square

TBA-- Right Off Union Square


This event is free for Heritage, Professional, Heritage + Professional, Young Leadership, VIP Leadership, President, CEO, and Chairman members.

Time and Date

This event starts on September 17th at 6:00 PM.


Heritage at YJP is proud to host the 3rd Monthly Torah With The CEOs, an ongoing, monthly series focused on connecting the top Jewish leaders of today to the leaders of tomorrow. Come listen, learn from, and connect to the top Jewish CEOs in NY and beyond each hosting a private roundtable discussion around present issues and relevant topics on Jewish business life in NYC. Light food and an open bar is included.


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Joseph Korff
The Arc Companies
Principal & Founder


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David Bibi
Artistic Frame
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Marc Bodner
L&R Distributors
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Seth Haberman
Sense Education

Leadership Committees

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Arthur Godiva
We Work
Labs Consultant
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Ben Taplin
Bevel Payments
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Carol Braha
Carol Braha
Private Tutor
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Chaya Sokol
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Chez Eider
Marcus & Millichamp
Investment Sales Associate
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Esther Duetch
RCS Professional Services
Operations Manager
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Isabelle Meyers
Jewelry Design and Production Manager
Kyle Cavan
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Jenny Verbitsky
Ogilvy Public Relations
Research Director
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J.R. Rothstein
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Real Estate Transactional Attorney
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Lavy Rosenthal
Vice President
Carlton Group
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Mark Kozhin
D'Vida Corporation
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Michael Zysman
City Bay Capital
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Mitch Ebin
Salesforce Consultant
Madison Ave Consulting
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Olga Bashkatova
Next Stage Advisory
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Rachel Lucine
New York Unversity
Project Manager
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Sam Schertz
Avison Young
Associate Director
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Shanna Grossman
Marketing Consultant
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Talia Maisel


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Ben Rohr
Director Of Heritage

Partial Attendee List

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Event Over
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