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Venture Capital & Technology Forum

April 26 2017, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT TBA once purchased


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Doug Clinton
Loup Ventures
Managing Partner
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Joe Rubin
ARC Angel Fund
Founding Partner
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Mitchell Kleinhandler
Scout Ventures
Venture Partner and Advisor
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Ram Ahluwalia
CEO & Founder


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Asael Meir
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David Sorin
McCarter & English


Humanity has finally come to a place where technology has caught up with imagination - it's up to tomorrow's leaders to ensure it doesn't surpass it.

The necessity of innovation and forward-thinking in the business world has compelled YJP to launch a Technology Startups Division. Log into a host of intimate roundtable discussions and stellar summits featuring a panel of technology experts who don't just see the future, but create it.

Come marvel at a panel of knowledgeable technological leaders. Business executives, VCs, CEOs and angel investors will take on important roles and mentor our young professionals.

Established tech companies have been bankrolling new offices in New York, from Google to Facebook in their insatiable hunt for talent and to establish a foothold in the premiere capital of commerce. Learn the ins-and-outs of creating a company with just a few laptops and a whole lot of smarts.

Wednesday, April 26th
6:00 PM EDT

TBA once purchased

Partial Guest List

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