Venture Capital Session with Jeffrey Silverman, Laconia Capital Group

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Jeffrey Silverman
Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Laconia Capital Group

Jeffrey Silverman is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Laconia. A seasoned operator turned investor, Jeffrey has over 20 years of experience building early stage media and technology companies. playing key roles in all aspects of business management, including strategic planning, business development, sales, marketing, and operations. As both an angel investor and a venture capitalist, he has invested across a broad number of sectors during his career, including enterprise SaaS, fintech, health & wellness tech, e-commerce, and martech. Some of his notable investments include TripleLift, PromoteIQ, FreeWheel and SyncOnSet. Prior to founding Laconia Ventures, the precursor to Laconia today, Jeffrey held several senior roles at technology companies including DoubleClick (acquired by Google) and Integrated Color Solutions (ICS).

At Laconia, Jeffrey guides portfolio companies on sales acceleration, operational execution, and capital strategy. He is a board observer at Marpipe and Unioncrate. Jeffrey is passionate about mentoring early stage startups and the next generation of leaders. He is a founder and Board Member of Off The Record, a private network designed to support seed and Series A founders as they navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. He also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs through Laconia’s weekly open office hours. Outside of work, Jeffrey is actively involved in mentorship through Civics Unplugged, Project Morry and Tulane University’s Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Jeffrey holds a BA in history from Tulane University and attended Columbia University’s Executive Education Program.

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David Bratslavsky
Managing Partner at IMB Wealth Technologies

David Bratslavsky is the Managing Partner of IMB Wealth Technology, which specializes in blockchain technology and software development. He was previously the Executive Director of the US Israel Business Council and worked as an analyst at a venture capital firm.



Online Zoom Conference


Please join YJP for another installment of our VIRTUAL Mentorship with Venture Capital Leaders series. 

We are excited to welcome Jeffrey Silverman, Founder and Managing Partner of Laconia Capital Group. 

Come ready to learn, connect, and with questions for Jeffrey!

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