Virtual Roundtable: Evening with Bracken Darrell, CEO of Logitech

- Online Zoom Conference



Online Zoom Conference


YJP is excited to host Bracken Darrell, CEO of Logitech in part of our Virtual Mentorship series.

This will be a small Zoom roundtable, with around 25 young professionals, featuring insights from Bracken, and an opportunity for Q&A. This event is complimentary for YJP's Virtual, Professional, Young Leadership members and above levels.

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Bracken Darrell
CEO at Logitech

Bracken Darrell joined Logitech as president in 2012 and became chief executive officer a year later. In this role he has led a transformation of Logitech.

He is a proponent of the importance of the liberal arts and design in business, especially of their role in innovating product experiences for consumers. He is an English major from Hendrix College.

Bracken brings to Logitech experience in product and brand building through design. He has worked around the world on iconic brands like Old Spice, Gillette and Braun, for which he was president. He has spent time at P&G, GE, Gillette, and Whirlpool. Since he took over five years ago, Logitech has been a top performer on the SIX Swiss stock exchange and on the NASDAQ. The company’s stock price and profits have more than quadrupled in the same period.

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Dov Horowitz
CEO at Worldwide Tech Services

The CEO of ATS, Dov Horowitz, has award-winning expertise in the field. His guidance compounds a sound reputation that has been cultivated for decades through purposeful management and long-term relationships.

As a technology executive, Dov drives growth through attentive decision-making, drawing on a wealth of experience and data-driven agility. As a local leader, Dov is thoughtful and philanthropic. He playfully fosters the next generation of technologists by founding a collegiate esports team. Dov anticipates future megatrends and shifts in culture and society through emerging technology research and development. Dov contributes thought leadership through curated events and community building.

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