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Online Zoom Conference


Join YJP for the virtual mentorship session Michal Oshman, Head of Company Culture, Diversity and Inclusion on Tuesday, December 21st at 12pm EST. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and was the most popular overall app downloaded globally in 2020. This session will discuss how TikTok is amplifying voices for the next generation of innovators. We will also explore career, development, DEI strategies & driving company culture.

Bring your questions to connect with Michal Oshman, grow your network, and make new connections.

We greatly appreciate your interest in attending this session. Please read the attendee guidelines below for more information on how to qualify for this session:

  • YJP Sessions are open to professionals with 1-20 years of experience. If you are interested in attending, please apply by clicking the "register" button. A member of our team will review your information and get back to you shortly.
  • If you have over 20 years of experience and do not qualify for this session, we will be happy to provide further information on our executive-level membership and involvement opportunities for which you do qualify.
  • Non-members of YJP are welcome to join one event to experience our group. After your first event we ask that you apply to become a member if you wish to continue being involved in our community.

For questions, please email: amanda@yjpnewyork.com

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Michal Oshman
Head of Company Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, and Employer Branding at TikTok

Michal Oshman is Head of Company Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, and Employer Branding at TikTok Europe, Middle East and Africa, and was formerly responsible for international leadership and team development at Facebook. Throughout her career, she has trained and coached hundreds of tech leaders. She has three university degrees in psychodynamic and systemic thinking, sociology, and anthropology. Michal lives with her husband and their four children in London, UK.

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Geoff Cook
CEO at The Meet Group

Geoffrey Cook has been Chief Executive Officer since March 11, 2013. Since November 10, 2011, he was a director and Chief Operating Officer, appointed in connection with the merger of Quepasa and myYearbook. Geoff co-founded myYearbook where he served as Chief Executive Officer from 2005 until the merger in 2011. During his tenure at myYearbook, Geoff grew myYearbook to profitability and $30+ million revenue with 100 employees. Geoff previously founded EssayEdge and ResumeEdge while a student at Harvard University in 1997 and sold them to The Thomson Corporation in 2002.


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