June 7th at 6:00 PM

SHARK TANK: Real Estate Edition

Union Sq / Irvin Pl area


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Jordan E. Slone
Harbor Group International, Chairman & CEO
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Udi Kore
‎Avenue Realty Capital, Co Founder


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Mark M. Mindick
Citrin Cooperman


Please join us for SHARK TANK: The Real Estate Edition for an evening of meaningful networking, meeting like-minded real estate professionals, and exploring new avenues for collaboration.  

Real estate entrepreneurs who are seeking capital, will present investment proposals to a panel of real estate Sharks. Sharks will critique the presentations and ask hard hitting questions, leveraging their years of real estate experience.

Let's see if the entrepreneurs have what it takes to hook one of our Sharks! 

SHARKS: *to be announced shortly*


Partial Attendee List

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Union Sq / Irvin Pl area

Time and Date

This event starts on June 7th at 6:00 PM.

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